Thursday, July 15

The Babbler

At dusk the most extraordinary boinging and hooting noises erupt around my cabin. I think it's mostly birds. There is a dust-coloured bird that comes around several at a time, the size of a fat thrush, it is not at all sleek, they chatter away together and make a lovely sound - I am told that it is a Babbler. I look the Babbler up in Birds of Sri Lanka where Mssrs Wijeyeratne, Warakagoda and De Zylva inform me that it is a garrulous bird ... members of the flock help build each nest, which may be shared



  1. I once had a Blatherskite as an officemate. Not much use building nests though.

  2. Sounds like the Sri Lankan version of the rook. I love the sound that rooks make... well, they kind of babble!

  3. Clearly a board meeting about nest design takes place at regular intervals..

  4. I have a whole horde of African Rhus trees outside my window. The cape white eyes wake me up with summer with their shrill, sweet chatter. It's like a bunch of old woman argueing affectionately.

  5. They sound awfully like the builders my neighbour employed for his extension, I rather miss them now the job's done.

  6. My rosella is a garrulous bird too. Your post reminds me I saw the biggest raven of my life today outside work; he was the size of a small cat, like something out of Day of the Triffids...scary!

  7. xl A Blatherskite is quite a different bird, one to be got rid of quickly I'd say.

    Scarlet - they do babble I love this birdy chatter

    Kevin - but you've got loads of birds in your actual garden, millions more than mine.

    Fly - I think it does

    Dolce - lucky you to have this year round

    Eryl - are you the first woman to miss builders?

    Nursey - that does sound scary.


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