Saturday, July 24

Some Things ...

Sun Protection
I haven't seen a Sri Lankan in sunglasses yet, nor much hat wearing.

There is however, plenty of umbrella-sharing.

Feeling Like A Farmyard Animal
I am often sitting on my beer porch in the evening when the pigs come round, they poke their noses in at me through the railings. I think they are laughing at me.

If they had bananas I think they'd throw me one.

Laundry Conversation
I don’t understand how the laundry system works - a few days ago I put a pile of clothes on my bed with a hopeful note saying laundry. The man who comes in to sweep the room looked at the pile and said

I can’t take the laundry until tomorrow. Here is a bag, write your items on the list

I am confused
But you can’t take it until tomorrow?

Maybe I can take it today


  1. Sri Lanka seems to have a highly developed laundry bureaucracy!

  2. The houseboys in Sri Lanka aren't up to my exacting standards.

    Oh Hai, XL!

  3. Instead of not taking it's a bit like jam at the Mad Hatter's Teaparty

  4. Just catching up on your brilliant Sri Lanka pieces Lulu. I wish I were one of those McCarthur genius grant sleuths so I could nominate you to get thousands and thousands of dollars. Just for those illustrations of the "view from the car" and the "view through goggles" you should be fabulously compensated. Watch out for the wildlife.

  5. I can take it today but I can't launder it until tomorrow. and only if you place it in the correct bag with the correct label in the correct position on the outside.

  6. Not a lot of hat wearers in Africa either. Well, except for show.

  7. Umbrella-sharing sounds much friendlier and less slimy than factor 60.

    If Sri Lankan pigs are anything like Scottish pigs if they had bananas they'd watch you watching them eat.

    I'm similarly confused about the laundry system in this house: husband puts all his clothes in the washing machine at once and then leaves them to fester for a week before washing them a second time and hanging them on cold radiators.

  8. xl - not sure if it's a Sri Lankan thing or just here.

    MJ - but they are very beautiful, so I forgive them everything.

    Mrs fly - It can feel very Mad Hatter's Teaparty at times

    K - Thank you for that vote of confidence, funny how few people want to pay for scribble done by a middle-aged lady.

    Nursey - one just has to learn the correct ropes.

    Dolce - A man from Columbo told me that sunglasses and hats are seen as an affectation by country folk.

    Eryl - Umbrella-sharing is much friendlier, it's lovely to see gaggles of girls all together giggling under a couple of brollies.

    And as for laundry at home - are we married to the same man?

  9. Tiny surreal observations snatched out of context are what you do best Lulu.


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