Monday, July 5

The Epic Walk

I had hoped that my father was teasing me in that last phone call but it turned out that he wasn’t, he did look in the comments section of my last post and took Kevin’s advice to pack a piece of Kendall Mint Cake and a stone to suck on - not wanting to travel too heavily loaded he abandoned the banana.

I think we’d have got further but I hadn’t reckoned on the orienteering aspect of this walk which turned out not to be our strong point. I had figured that we could just follow the hundreds of people who were also doing the walk, but their idea of walking was a lot faster than ours, the tracks much rougher and woodier than I’d bargained for and we were soon a lone threesome finding our way around the titter-inducing names of Surrey, I'm particularly fond of Polsden Lacey, Dorking and Abinger Hammer.

How did we do in the end?
Just past the halfway mark, the walking shoes that my father’s been wearing since adolescence started coming apart at the seams and we were all feeling a little sore in parts. Progress had been a slowed by our getting lost quite a bit and suddenly we all fancied being home for tea - I definitely needed to be back by Tuesday, so we put up the white flag and called for a lift back to base.

It was an unforgettable day - for so many reasons, stunning countryside, great weather, great company – in short - a raging success.

I really am off to Sri Lanka tomorrow - if we can get the camera fixed in time


  1. Congrats! Sounds like a lovely time!

    So, has your father finally resigned himself to get a new pair of shoes?

  2. wow, sugar! i spent the entire day doing laundry/mopping up/cleaning/cooking and finally drinking! cheers to all y'all for a grand hike! xoxoxo

  3. Oh my goodness! Your poor Dad wasn't wearing proper walking shoes. Anyhow it was a bit hot for all that sort of malarky... do you know how many miles you managed?
    It's peculiar, but I am so familiar with Leatherhead that I barely notice when it's staring me in the face.
    Have a great time in Sri Lanka.

  4. Alesa - my father expects things to last a lifetime - they will go back to the menders

    Sav - thank you sweetie, looks like we ended our days in a similar manner xxx

    Scarlet - It was pretty hot - I reckon we put in about 19 miles in all.

    Thanks for the good wishes xx

  5. "Dorking"


    Congrats to Team Earwig Sandwich for a job well done!

  6. 19 miles is still some trek! Well done all. Have a grand tome in Sri-Lanka. :¬)


  7. I'm glad it was a good time had by all. Bon voyage and safe travels - I'm so excited for you! xo

  8. You should have taken me as your native guide...I grew up there.

    Enjoy Sri Lanka!

  9. Urgh. I feel like walking bottom today and I haven't even left the house. Have fun in Sri Lanka!

  10. xl -Dorking always goes down well with Americans - funny that!

    thanks for Congrats x

    Map - I do, in fact have a grand tome for Sri-Lanka ;)xxx

    kat - thank you

    Mrs Fly - we could've done with a native guide. Thank you

    Met Mum - I think walking bottom might be a particularly horrid disease

  11. It's good that you included that picture of your 80-something year old father's broken boot. Otherwise I would have to accuse you of shirking!

    "Dorking" is on my list of 10 places to visit before dying. Maybe I'll put Walking Bottom in at number 11.

    Be careful in Sri Lanka and have a nice time. Bon voyage.

  12. Sri Lanka!!!! I am jealous. Say hi to the elephants from me! (there ARE elephants in SL right?)

    Hee, Walking Bottom. I want to live there.

    Have a fun holiday.

  13. Lovely! I can't say I've ever walked 19 miles in a day for any reason! I'd say you've done quite well!

  14. 19 miles is bloody good, well done!

    I'm with your father, those look like jolly good boots so why waste all that effort trying to find a new pair when a snob can attach a new sole?

    I'm holding my breath till the camera boy gets back with the part. Have a great time, X

  15. My heavens! First Dorking the Sri Lanka! You are a goddess.

  16. A fine pair of walking shoes on display there. And a finely turned ankle too. And very clean trousers - was there no mud? Enjoy Sri Lanka and hope to hear all about it.

  17. I've a suspicion that Dorking may be my ancestral home.

  18. :¬)

    Let's hope you don't have TIME to read it all! :¬)


  19. Glad you had a good time. 19 miles is pretty good going on a warm day, especially when your boots are starting to wear (it would be a shame to throw them away).

    Probably a good thing that I struck out my original suggestion of the other old Boy Scout orienteering trick (a floozy and two bottles of cider).

    Have a good time in Sri Lanka!

  20. K - Me shirking? - Never!

    You'd love Surrey - especially Dorking

    Veggie - YES - elephants, lovely lovely elephants

    StefRobrts - I can't get to your blog anymore and I want to know how your chickens are doing ... and the dogs

    Eryl - me too on the boots - I adore proper shoes

    Camera Boy bought the bit back, camera tested (slightly strangely) and we're on ...

    Rebecca - we'll see, I've not survied a proper Sri Lankan curry yet!

    Madame DeFarge - No mud but loads of dust

    xl - you clearly need to visit Dorking to find out

    Mapstew - I've gotta read Eryl's book, it looks great

    Kevin - My father is entertained by a floozy and two bottles of cider on a daily basis, so he'll know that old trick.

  21. Congratulations Lulu. Your father must be a heck-of-a-guy.

  22. Sounds like a great time. Have fun in Sri Lanka (there will be photos, right??). Cheers.

  23. Sri Lanka? WOW! I've always wanted to go to Sri Lanka! Someday, perhaps!
    Have a good one!

  24. Walking 19 miles is quite an achievement! Wish I were going to Sri Lanka with you but I have to go back to work :-(

  25. Sounds like a fun walk. The names there are hysterical. Poor Dad! He looks like he's got sore feet.
    Have fun in Sri Lanka.

  26. FJ and 25bar - thank you, it is a very amazing country so far as I can tell from here.

    Nursey - :( indeed, work is not the place to go after a holiday is it?

    Dedene - My father did have a whopper of a blister on his heel, but that was nothing to our companion's sore bits - ouch!


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