Friday, July 16

The Breakfast Of Champions

breakfast this morning.

String Hoppers are a sort of steamed shredded wheat.

To make Egg Hoppers
• Pour coconut milk pancake batter into a bowl-shaped iron pan on a hot ring
• swirl the batter up the sides and crack an egg into the bottom
• Place a lid on the pan and let it steam for a minute or two
• When it is cooked, the steamed egg in it's crispy pancake bowl will slide out onto your plate
• add a spoonful of dahl and a sprinkle of coconut sambal if you like.


  1. Yumm! Beats the pants off of my mugicha breakfast. : p

  2. This morning I am mostly having coffee. ;)


  3. This morning I am mostly having coffee. ;)


  4. This morning I am admiring your drawings.

  5. I couldn't face a Camera Boy Breakfast first thing in the morning. More like a delicious mid-day meal!

  6. Nom nom nom nom...this sounds utterly delicious. How do you make coconut pancake batter? Like normal, only with coconut milk? How divine!

  7. Coconut milk pancake batter, why did I never think of that?! I wonder where I can get a bowl-shaped iron pan; but, really, I'm thinking coconut pancakes stacked with lime curd and chocolate cream.

  8. oooh that sounds divine. Love your sketch too

  9. You'd have to sketch a diet coke to capture my breakfast today.

  10. That's cooking, isn't it?

    Can it be done in a microwave? That's the only cooking thing I use.

    Thank god there's take-out, beer and pretels otherwise I'd starve.

    ps: I will Google "dahl and sambal" ... never heard of those.

  11. Better patent the iron pots and start a business...Mr. Fly is making drawings prior to trying to persuade someone to make one -or six - for him...your post brought it all back to him....the chilli crab, the chilli egg..and the string hoppers.
    He'll be looking up flights soon...

  12. My, that's quite an exotic breakfast! I love that you draw up your menus.

  13. we all vote to have this for our breakfast today.

    i have heard manymany good things about food from the area - hope you get opportunities to sample more and report accordingly - it is your duty as a blogger & world traveler....

  14. Alesa - I'm a mugicha girl myself when at home, but who could refuse a coconut pancake?.

    Map - I have to limit my coffee - or I go too wilddddddd xx

    Scarlet - thank you darlin' I feel encouraged enough to do more now xx

    xl - Camera Boys need Breakfast energy

    Dolce - I think coconut pancake batter is made like normal, only with coconut milk? I'm afraid that's just a guess, I'll be experimenting when I get home

    Eryl - I bet it works in a flat pan too ... and lime curd/choc cream ...yum, I'll be right over.

    I bet mango works too.

    Hi EmmaK welcome to you and thank you for the pom poms

    Wow - I can picture that

    Will - I don't know about microwaves but that pan thing is real easy - do you have fire?

    Sorry I'm not linking much to the foreign terms, but webbage can be a problem here.

    Mrs fly - just wait until I get on to Wattapalm!

    I might have to bring a coupla pans home with me.

    Do I need to book a room here for you?

    Dedene - drawing food in foreign places is good to remember what all the strange-sounding stuff is.

    Nursey - Hey - I knew that would be up your alley x

  15. Deb - You'd love the food here - there's lots of pineapple - especially in the salads - delish.

    I see it as my duty to sample and report

  16. Me too admiring the sketch.

    Coconut milk batter sounds interesting. Definitely for pancakes; I wonder if battered chilis might work.


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