Friday, July 9

Today I Am Mostly Buying Foam

After bumping across the country for about 12 hours we finally arrived at the lodge where we will stay and film for the next month.

The first day is spent getting everything set up, we have a lot of very sensitive equipment so we make special nests for all the components which we fit in the filming vehicles to help them withstand the battering they will be getting. Mostly what is needed for this is foam and cardboard - I have achieved piles of these items and the two vehicles are now ready to go.

It is bake-a-cake-in-the-oven hot but we can't use the air conditioning because it will upset the many computers that we use outside for filming then bring back inside to transfer and log the images. From now on I will become a Data Monkey working in my room all day tapping away with my fingers and operating a fan with my big toes.

The food is really good here and I'm wondering if sweating counts as exercise.


  1. Sorry to hear your equipment is so sensitive about things. I hope their feelings aren't hurt by sweat and toil.

  2. You must have very dexterous digits Lulu. Looking forward to more travel tales

  3. Sweating doesn't count as exercise, but it is slimming! : j

  4. I take it from the pix that the Sri Lankan word for foam is "foam" and not an insult to the shopkeeper!

  5. You can operate a fan with your big toe?
    I've got VERY big toes, and not enough fans! :¬)


  6. Ha! You mentioned cake!
    Should we have a foam party? where is MJ?

  7. i like that bake-a-cake-in-the-oven hot, sugar! i'm going to use that, if y'all don't mind! alternate toes, so one doesn't get bigger than the other, ok? ;~) xoxoxoo

  8. Will - the equipment works so hard I have to give way to it's feelings on everything

    Nursey - Would love to write more tales but fear that my 'puter is soon to be requisitioned in the pursuit of digit chomping.

    Alesa - Sweating is slimming? Hooray!

    xl - I tried 'cushioney stuff' and waved a cushion which got the desired result - possibly without causing insult or injury

    Map - you are being cruelly under appreciated darling ooxxx

    Scarlet Yes, yes and I'll go get her.xx

    Savannah - ooh I love being homaged and I'm being even on the toes for sure. xx

  9. One uses gazillions of calories trying to keep cool, without even trying, and spicy food uses more energy to burn than non-spicy. You will come back slimmer than Victoria Beckham.

    Pictures of the lodge please, X

  10. Another exotic trip full of insects, heat and foam? Hope your tum will be ok - also hope the legs recovered from your walk of endurance.

    (I seem to have lost the 'pithy comment' gene - I'm out of practice)

  11. When Miss Scarlet told me you were having a foam party, I assumed there would be ale.

  12. ignore test comment

    (it's the only way i can get follow-up comments)

  13. So are you in Sri Lanka now hten? I bet it's a treat for a wildlife bod. Regarding the heat, I suppose asking for a punka wallah is not the done thing any more.

  14. Eryl - Wow I'm now feeling loads better now - the curries are hotter than hot and I am eating heaps of the stuff.

    Will try and do photos of the lodge - it is all very browny camoflaged and unglamorous

    Frenchie - there will always be foam ... and cake.
    legs and tum good thank you xxx

    MJ - Always foam, cake... and ale come over - let's see how your maribou mules handle the snakes

    Gadjo Dilo - punka wallah that is the word I needed - I am an auto-punka wallah

  15. I really hope your fan works!
    I can imagine what you're going through -there's a mass of African desert air over here since last monday and we're hitting 40ºC (104ªF) every day. If not for the aircon...

    Alee-cake and foam party? That sounds great!

  16. Of course you can lose weight by thinking energetically - and that would make you sweat more of course... So you should come back a mere slip of a girl!

  17. nests. I want to make a nest of foam. For me.


  18. Hi Leni - bet you're having lots of partying right now and I bet it involves at least lots of foam, cake, ale and Cava

    Ange- Brain appears to be asleep because I am definitely getting bigger

    Dolce - foam nests are the best


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