Sunday, July 25

More Food

The Golden Pudding Cupboard stands at one end of the dining room - a glass case full of sari-coloured sweets.

Meanwhile in town ... I spy the creeping influence of franchise eating.


  1. We are fixing a trip with brother in law....Mr Fly wants to visit Ceylon again...your blog posts have roused all his delight in the country and the people...
    Mark you,given that he is so pro Tamil we could all end up in the jug...

  2. Little Hut -- they should start a franchise! I would go!

  3. Is that gaping hole under the sign the Little Hut trap door/entrance?

  4. "Sari-coloured sweets", what a delightful description. I also remember the wonderful colours of the fast-food in India. Then one year I invited my Indian friends back to ours for my mum's laboriously prepared Christmas dinner and they practically sicked it up - ungrateful perishers :-)

  5. "Golden Pudding Cupboard" sounds so delicious. Does it trickle treacle?

  6. If Little Hut spreads to these parts I'll definitely go, especially if they have a Golden Pudding Cupboard with Sri Lankan jelly and custard.

    What's wattalappam?

  7. little hut's logo looks remarkably like Pizza Hut's logo (large generic american pizza chain).

    yeah, that DOES look like a "door" for something below the logo....

  8. Jelly & Custard!

    I'm a child again! :¬)


  9. I wonder if there is a copyright infringement in there somewhere...

    I love the idea of a Golden Pudding Cupboard. I wonder if it would translate well here in Canada. One can only dream...

  10. Mrs fly - I'm flattered (and delighted) that my posts have made you want to return.

    xl - me too!

    MJ - Yes - Little Hut is only for little people

    Gadjo - Our food must look very grim to Asian people.

    Nursey - there is always a jug of treacle next to the pudding cupboard.

    Eryl - have put up link to wattalappam, it's like creme caramel made with coconut milk, jaggery and cardamon

    Deborah Pipes little hut's logo looks remarkably like Pizza Hut's logo
    Hmmm I thought it looked familiar

    Map - Since being here, I am often reminded of childhood.

    Scribe - You could always invent a Canadian Golden Pudding Cupboard. I'm sure it would translate.


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