Saturday, July 17

More Wildife Than Might Be Good For Me

I'm much worse at packing than I used to be, I pack far more these days and yet I have only a couple of wearable outfits - the other ninety per cent of my luggage might as well have stayed at home.

I had considered my pyjamas to be redundant, at bedtime I take a cold shower and lie on the bed hoping sleep will come before I reheat. This morning, when I went to the bathroom, I noticed all the gecko pellets stuck on my legs.

A lady sunbird* pecks for long periods on my window pane, I think she is attacking her reflection and imagines herself to be arguing with another sunbird but her persistence feels rather Hitchcockian.

* From Mssrs Wijeyeratne, Warakagoda and De Zylva in Birds of Sri Lanka
'The purple-rumped sunbird ... builds elaborate pear-shaped nests with a distinctive entrance roof over the entry hole. The nest is constructed from spider webs and other naturally-occurring soft fibrous materials, it is finished off with little chips of bark'.


  1. Maybe a trip to the appropriate guy/lady store for mosquito netting to rig an anti-pellet shield to sleep under?

  2. Sunbirds as well? Now you're rubbing our noses in it!

    It must be easier to shower off the gecko pellets than washing them out of the jimjams?

  3. Yes, book the hotel,please,if you would be so kind....

  4. Pyjamas should never be redundant for a lady traveller, for fear of nocturnal alarums and excursions.

  5. xl - probably a good idea

    Kevin - this is birder heaven, there may be more.

    Mrs Fly - expecting you any day

    Madame DeF - what are bed sheets for then?

    Nursey - Hickockian? thank you I must've been drunk/tired when I wrote that post

  6. Pyjamas should be banned... but then so should gheckos!! I carried one in my shoe all the way back from Greece, accidentally of course. It jumped out the first morning I was getting ready for work and ran away... I found him yesterday. Dead.... I think he either couldn't stand the heat or the bad Middle Eastern gheckos beat him up. It will remain a mystery!

  7. Jeeez... the wildlife blooms in Sri Lanka!
    Take care with that lady sunbird! (I'm terribly ornithophobic and insectophobic. I guess I'd have a lot of fun in Sri Lanka). Have you considered to sleep at least with a huge flyswatter on your night table?).

    (BTW, I just loved your breakfast illustrations on the previous post!)

  8. Aaah...the lovely hotness. Not so much where I am. Where I am it is freezing. Well, not really. But it feels so.

    I wonder where the Gekkos go winter?

  9. I hope you don't sleep on your back with your mouth open.

  10. Can I just cast a vote in favour of ladies in pyjamas?

    Thank you.

  11. These may be obvious questions to others, but what are gecko pellets and how did you get them stuck on your legs??

  12. Perhaps you could rig a makeshift canopy using your PJs, to at least shield you from the pellets.

  13. Ms Distracted - have you preserved your Greek Gecko?

    Leni - Sri Lanka is definitey not for the ornithophobic and insectophobic. I'm not sure how effective a swatter would be, but it might be fun to try it out.

    Dolce - Hotness is relative isn't it - I'll check the winter gecko question

    Eryl - I find that I wake up on my back with my mouth open, but I have made myself a mouth clamp to deal with this issue.

    Kevin - your vote has been noted

    Gadjo - gecko pellets are poo, dropped from the rafters above my bed

    Alesa - Brilliant! xx

  14. do regard the geckos as the little ones taking care of the insects that are also visiting you....


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