Thursday, May 13

Rock Paper Scissors

One of the Camera Boys has a snake - it is half his age and twice his height

When he goes away to film the snake usually goes to visit the Camera Boy’s parents

Camera Boy has just moved to a new house where there is another Boy With a Snake

There is also a Girl With a Hamster

This time the snake will stay home

The Camera Boy is hoping that they will all get on together...


  1. i have a feeling this is not going to work out well for the hamster, sugar. xoxoxo

  2. Made me think of this.

    Oh Hai Savannah!

  3. hamster? snake? interesting...

  4. Sav - Hamsters are fiercer than we think - I think this is a magic hamster

    xl - Yup!

    bb - hampstercampster - I like it!

    Screamish - that's what I thought

    Alesa - Do you steam them or do you prefer chargrilled?

    Blogger Eryl Shields said...

    I love an optimist!

  5. Eryl - Me too - that hamster will come out on top - I promise!

  6. Hmm... last time I had it it was stewed. Which was pretty good, but not especially interesting.

    I suspect that if I could get my hands on some, I'd deep fry it... either with a light batter and bread crumbs tempura style (with a light shoyu/sesame dipping sauce, maybe a bit of fresh grated ginger) or with heavy and heavily seasoned batter, southern US style.

    Steaming would not have occurred to me... How does that work out?

  7. I've never understood keeping snakes - it's against one of our primary innate aversions. It reminds me of those people who make you smell milk when it's gone off. 'Cor! This is disgusting! Have a whiff of this...'

    Definitely on Team Hamster here.

  8. I'm confused. Maybe I shouldn't have washed down the endone for my crook back with a Moscow Mule.

    The upside is I'm no longer feeling anything resembling pain

  9. If the hamster and snakes don't have anything nice to say to each other, they should keep it to themselves.

  10. Alesa - steaming's a good option but do make sure the snake is dead first.

    Glory - some people like horror

    Nursey - bring your drugs to the pajama party, they sound good.

    Kat - does that advice ever work?

  11. Why is that?
    If it's still alive, you know it didn't die from eating a poisoned rat (or hamster?), and you're sure it is fresh!

  12. Good point well made Alesa - The Japanese have a couple of dishes that involve eating live fish, I would worry a bit about the snake overpowering me I guess

  13. we had a hamster but after a week we wanted it dead

  14. Hey I got hamster pic
    not mcnuggets

    well actually it's a guinea pig but you can't tell.
    You can use it if you like but it would nice if you gave me credit.

  15. I'm in Glory's camp - I know some people like horror and being dramatic but it does seem odd (especially when you could have cute fluffy dogs instead) :p


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