Monday, May 17

Queasy, Cheesy, Japanesey

That man is still on the roof. I called up to him from the street to see how he’s getting on. He disappeared then reappeared inside the house so he could yell down at me from the closer quarters of a window. I now know that his name is Cheesy. I propose that his activity is more of a squat than a protest, Cheesy insists that he is protesting about 50 years of injustice. I say that it's difficult to tell that from the pavement and maybe he should make a banner or something.

I go on to my own house, walk upstairs and look out of the window. He is hoisting a surfboard up on a pole.

Currently feeling a bit queasy due to sampling of dessert recipe trials involving cream and meringue for a cookery demonstration that I’ll be performing at in a couple of days.

This morning I saw an enormous and instantly recognisable shape walking along the street towards me, for the last 10 years this man and I have stopped, grinned and exchanged noises before moving on, his impenetrable West Indian accent means that I have never understood the actual words of what he says, I think of our exchanges as being like a mini episode of the Clangers, so I was quite surprised today when I discerned actual words

Him: Hey how you doin’ ?

Me: I'm Good – where are you off to?

Him: I’m goin’ down the bearpit* to feed the homeless people

Me: What are you going to feed them?

Him: Food

* I don't know what the bearpit is either


  1. I am happy to volunteer to taste-test the cream and meringue recipe!

  2. i'll taste test here, too, sugar! send me the recipes! xooxoo

    (i am in serious need of culinary diversions.)

    (i made cream of zucchini soup today.)

  3. How is it that you can suddenly understand him? This fascinates me.

  4. I used to love The Clangers when I was a kid!

    The artwork on that man's building is something! :¬)


  5. The building is stupendous, but 50 years of injustice to what, I wonder? It seems to bring out the best in him, whatever it is, if only more people would protest in this way.

    When Stevie asks what's for dinner tomorrow I'm going to answer 'food', and wish I'd thought of it myself.

  6. xl - I will send the next batch in an email

    Sav - you'll get some too - plus the recipes! xooxooxoo

    mmm zucchini soup!

    Fly How is it that you can suddenly understand him?
    I think I entered another realm. Actually he used to have a really bad stutter but that seems to have gone.

    Map - It is some impressive artwork, our street has a lot of that sort of thing

    Glory - I conjured up images of him hurling bread rolls into a pit where homeless people had to compete for this with the bears that I didn't know we had in Bristol

    honey woul have made it so much more exciting

    Eryl - The painting is impressive, but Cheesy didn't do it.

    The 50 years of injustice struck me as a bit random, he also said he was there for his mum who got a lot of injustice too.

  7. What a perfectly delightful response - "food." I like the protestor updates. That surf board hoisting makes great sense.

  8. Well I suppose since you have no giant redwoods to sit up in.

  9. Cream and meringue are two of my favourite things! Seriously - show me anything resembling a pavlova and I'll gobble it all down before anyone else gets near it

  10. Do you need an assistant food tester?
    And blimey that house is colourful... is he fifty years old? This would make sense.

  11. I bet there's a few tiny bugs living on that roof... I wonder if there's an urban bug story for the film crew?

    Speaking of which, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your once told diary story of your time in France - all the characters, happenings and such. It was a marvelous story-journey. If there was a blog award for your epoch - I would give it to you.

  12. cream and meringue, oh yes.

  13. Wow - Clearly you should move to my neighbourhood

    MJ - we are sadly deficient in the giant tree department

    Nursey and Mrwrite - cream and meringue - the universal crowd-pleaser

    Scarlet - I always welcome taster helpers.
    It is interesting that the 50 years probably relates to the date of his birth - he does display a degree of self-absorption

    Savitra - you delved into my archives - how kind xx

  14. Just dashing it to say Hi. I didn't read all the other comments cause I am in a rush. Has anyone suggested that your inscrutable acquaintance might mean he is feeding the homeless _to_ the bears?

    Also, I love that shot of the window of the Hot Jellied Eel shop. Is it meant to draw people in or scare them away? Not a lot of eel-based cuisine here in the US...

  15. Cheesy and you go together like cream & meringue. Love the post title. Have you heard anything from POBOX?

  16. Silly you, of course he is feeding him food. Tsk.

  17. Have you accidently swallowed a Babel Fish in you tastings?

  18. (rushes in)...sorry I'm late

    As fun as it sounds I would imagine continued tasting of desserts would make one a bit sicky. You could get Cheesy to help

  19. K - there was something gladiatorial about his statement.

    The eel shops attract and repel in equal measure

    BB - What is POBOX?

    Metmum - of course

    NB - Quite possibly

    FF - I could fire dollops of pudding at him with my superpower catapault


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