Monday, May 31

Tell Tale Signs

When I'm in a new neighbourhood I always check out the small ads in the newsagents windows, this is a section from my local.

You may need to click to enlarge image


  1. HA! Who does "Guy Cocks" think he is fooling with all those euphemisms?

    PS: Enjoy your day off. MJ has to work you know!

  2. Oh my - I am going to have to start paying attention at my local now!

  3. i haven't seen one of those boards in ages! what a hoot, sugar! xoxoxo

  4. So are Jackie and the carpenter in cahoots?
    And do they work for Chris?
    Where is this exciting area?

  5. Okay, sexy and goodlooking Lulu - good luck with the new job.


  6. I hear Guy Cocks is good with wood. :)

  7. So ageist. In my newsagent, the age limit is closer to 50, but then we do have a lot of retired types around.

  8. I'm moving down there, all my problems will be solved... Where are you, exactly?

  9. I'd like Jackie's phone number please.

    That's RIGHT, XL. She works hard for the money.

  10. Damn it, I knew I should have popped over here bfore logging off yesterday... everybody else has pinched the best comments.

  11. hmmm... so Jackie has moved over to the UK....

  12. xl - "Guy Cocks" certainly didn't fool me xl (it's one of the Camera Boys moonlighting)

    Eternally Distracted - do they allow these ads in your part of the world?

    Sav - do they not have these boards in your local shops? - shame

    Fly - This exciting place is Bristol - and yes everyone is in cahouts in the end.

    Frenchie - thanks for the good wishes - not sure if Jackie's minder bought my claim to be under 30, but I guess they aren't as fussy as they make out

  13. Veggie - Guy Cocks I hear he is very talented

    Madame DeF - we all claim to be 20 years younger round here which is why they have to put the limit where it is.

    Eryl Shields - Bristol, come on down there are so many opportunities

    MJ - sending on Jackie's phone number but I can't imagine that his surroundings are any more Fantastic!! than yours

    Scarlet - do want Jackie's number too?

    Nursey - Ok I'll send the number on to you as well - or do you just want me to deliver a message?

  14. Guy Cocks must be pretty good in the sack because he is always associated with setting off fireworks!
    Wasn't he caught in the cellar of the Parliament with the 36 barrels of gunpowder?

  15. I didn't think Guy Cocks was such a bad pseudonym, but now it seems I was much too obvious. How about Louis Balls?

  16. I'm now wondering who answers these ads. My mind boggles.

  17. Donn - That was his brother-in-law - Guy Fox

    Red - we saw right through it - and Louis isn't washing either.

    Synchy - I always answer these ads - don't you?


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