Friday, May 28

The Boys Are Back In Town

... I was saying to my friend Eryl
The manly tide has now risen beyond our armpits, the crew swooped home from a filming trip a few days ago, Miss Whiplash and I are doing the doggypaddle in a testosterone-and-pelican-case sea.

So I visited my parents for a dose of normal life.

My mother likes things neat, there isn't quite enough to dust at home so, despite being a card-carrying atheist, she is on the church-cleaning rota and goes along once a month to help polish the church knobs, I have been told that the village vicar is a particularly rebarbative lady.

We went along to the local pub, my mother exchanged gossip with the barmaid. For long minutes Dad and I listened to the details of Mrs Welling's kitchen refit and Miriam down-the-road who had gone to stay with her daughter for a few days, then there was quite a story about a broken washing machine. Finally both women stroked their chins reflectively while trying to think of more news, the barmaid said

well, that's about it, I don't think there's anything else to report

Mum said .... there's the vicar's marriage


last month - she was stuck at an airport because of the volcano dust and met a man, they can't keep their hands off each other, they're getting married. She announced it from the pulpit last Sunday.


  1. From the fire-and-brimstone of Eyjafjallajökull to the Vicar's wedding! Praise [insert manifestation of one's personal belief/non-belief system]!

  2. ILOVEIT! seriously, nothing better than small town news, sugar! xoxoxo

  3. Good for the vicar, perhaps she'll be merely barbative from now on.

  4. I wonder just how she announced it? Those litle details of the first meeting, perhaps?

  5. A card-carrying atheist who dusts and hangs out at pubs ... I luv yer mom! Platonically speaking, that is.

  6. Saucy vicar! She kind of sounds like a Carry On vicar! :)

  7. Always leave the best topics of conversation til last!
    I am now imagining a vicar explaining to the congregation that she couldn't keep her hands off a man she met on holiday!
    P.S I had to look 'rebarbative' up - sounds like this vicar is cured.

  8. whoah! Where are the photos of this vicar? does she look anything like Dawn French?

  9. xl - 'Beauty From Ashes...'

    Sav - small town news - so universal

    Eryl - 'barbative' - sounds hairy

    Fly - those details - THAT's exactly what I want to know.

    Reno - welcome to you, my 'mom' will be delighted to hear that she has a fan

    Veggie - She is shaping up that way

    Scarlet - I am having diffculty imagining that sermon

    Nursey - NOTHING like Dawn French?
    (except the size)

  10. At lease one good thing arose from the ashes.

  11. The village I grew up in is 300 people. Mom still gives me the who-moved, who-died report. As for the vicar ... religion just makes one want it more, don't you think?

  12. I think Victoria Wood and/or Alan Bennett would have loved to have been with you at that pub - to get fodder for their next play/show/book. It must have seemed so surreal after your daily life.

    (I loved your mum's bacofoil candle protectors - your mum and mine are/were polar opposites)

  13. Good to know the volcano brought some joy to the world.

  14. Alphawoman and Glory - I like to think that lots of sweet stories arose from the volcano

    Red - religion - there's just not enough of it to go round is there?

    FF - do you think that we might illustrate the flip flop in mother to daughter attitudes to housework/cleanliness - I'm the world's biggest slut

  15. Ashes To Ashes
    Dust To Lust?! :¬)


  16. Yay for the vicar! What a great story!

  17. Mapstew- Brilliant, wish I'd thought of that for the post title

    Synchy - sweet - yes

  18. I didn't even know vicars could be women. My wife's friend met her lover during the flight stoppage after 9-11. Lonely airports, drinks, time on your hands - maybe the airlines should promote this.

  19. Lisleman - I think you've hit on a great idea - the "Airport Wait Dating Service'

  20. It's far more exciting where you live!! I'm coming over...


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