Sunday, May 23

Last Calm Weekend

Tomorrow the house will be bulging at the seams as the crew will have all returned from the latest filming trip. Yesterday, however I was quite alone in the house when a child came to visit, he’d last been here about a year ago when he was four years old. Not sure if he remembered the house he stood in my kitchen with a puzzled look on his face then he thrust his finger in the air with inspiration, he did know this place, he turned to me and said

Didn’t you used to keep men here?

I recently had a message from a friend asking me if I was off gallivanting - such a lovely word, one that might describe an interesting way of moving; something involving high stepping, prancing and the tossing of one’s plumed head, I think gallivanting is a more energetic form of catering

After writing about my recent encounter with Bearpit Man it dawned on me that the reason that I could now understand his words was because he seems to have overcome a speech impediment, an aspect of him that I hadn’t properly registered before,   like when someone you know shaves off a moustache and you can’t work out what’s wrong with their face.

I saw Bearpit man again this morning pushing a big wire shopping trolley that he had ingeniously modified for his catering forays, he showed me around the trolley’s compartments stuffed with thermoses and stacks of cups that he had pre-dosed with coffee powder and sugar


  1. Well done for not replying to small boy 'Yes, and we sacrifice one every full moon.'

  2. OK. As long as you're not traipsing.

  3. I suppose you could have replied to the small boy that they were all buried in the cellar but he might have got a bit upset and demanded to see the decaying corpses.

    I love your gallivanting troop of be-quiffed men.

  4. You keep them for Miss Whiplash, so that they are served up fresh and tasty.

  5. Nothing like a good Gallivant after a late breakfast! (Ma used this word to mean 'up to no good' as in "I suppose you're off gallivanting about the town again tonight?") :¬)


  6. gallivanting

    like map, my mother used to say the same thing my less than decorous ways. i swear, i don't know how it happened, by i ended up saying the same thing to the coconut krewe!

  7. Yes Lulu... what HAVE you done with all those men?

  8. To gallivant means to be a bit frisky and dressed in all your finery.
    I think you must have worn your houseboys out.

  9. Glory - I do sacrifice one man every full moon but you're right this news might upset a small boy.

    xl - traipsing is the worst isn't it- implying dragging heavy things.

    French - see my reply to Glory - best to keep small people happy

    ...and we do actually have bequiffed men in attendance today

  10. Madame Def - Miss W has such an appetite

    Mapstew I do like 'up to no good' aspect of gallivanting

    Sav- i ended up saying the same thing to the coconut krewe!
    It is our fate to repeat our mothers words I fear

    Nursey - like you don't know...

    Scarlet - The houseboys claim to be tough

  11. I like this wee boy and Bearpit Man, both. Please don't sacrifice either of them.

  12. Actually, I've been bothered by some bureaucrats lately, do you think you could sacrifice a few of that tribe, please? Male or female, it matters not, just diminish the ranks.

  13. I don't have a good gallivant left in me these days. It's all I can do to fallolop.

  14. I love the word gallivant, my mother used to accuse people of it all the time, me included, but always with a twinkle in her eye.

    Are you up to armpits in men again now?

  15. My Grandparents, I recall, were always gallavanting - that is, complaining about other folk who were. I love the idea that its an interesting way to move. A sort of energetic ballet form, I would have thought. Like the blog - very much.

  16. Did you tell him that you put them in jelly which is now sold at the supermarket across the street?

  17. Synchy - it's ok that child and bearpit man are on the protected list - bureaucrats are emphatically not safe!!

    Kevin a good falollop if wearing the right clothing can be fantastically sexy to some women - are you called Llewelyn-Bowen by any chance?

    Eryl - I am beyond armpits, I am swimming in them and it is raining

    Dave - Thank you xx

    Ahh - preserved in aspic - if only I could rely on them not to eat their way out

  18. Lulu- glad to hear you're back in Bristol - will catch up soon!

    this post reminded me of a visit I paid to my friend's house a couple of weeks ago. at 9+ months pregnant (baby still hasn't come out btw, and your blog is keeping me from tipping over the edge into madness), her 6-year-old son came cantering into the room, stopped dead when he saw me, then one hand on his hip, head cocked, pointed at my bump.

    "You got a baby in there?" he asked.

    I nodded. he nodded back authoritatively. Then he cantered off again.

    kids rock. Mostly.


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