Thursday, April 21

Dirty Arials

Bristolians don't like words that don't end well, they round off rogue vowell-y words with an 'l'. This can be confusing and entertaining such as this exchange I had today regarding the cleaning skills of someone I know as Tanya:

Me: Hi Kath how are you?

Kath: Not good - I've just had words with Tanyal, she's not cleaning the common arials properly.


  1. I hope this leads to better reception!

  2. Well one needs the common arials spotless. No one likes to have a coffee in a common arial if it's a bit grubby.

    Does one pay a license fee for the common arials? I assume they pick up the BBC? No wait, that's AERIALS. Arial is a font! Wait...what?

    Next up: Tanyal cleans the common Verdanal but draws the line at Comic Sans. Good girl, Tanyal.

  3. And if Bristolian Tanyal were to wed a Geordie them arials'd be right clean, though but.

  4. I don't care if my arials are dirtyl.

  5. Xl - our reception is now excellent thank you

    Veggie- grubby arials are depressing nuff said

    bb I'd thought you'd be more fastidious

    Dinah - Geordie vs Bristolian - who would win?


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