Thursday, April 21

Yes I Understand You Words

Everyone is away filming - Whiplash and I are left in the office to sort out the remaining engineering issues that need to be resolved before the next trip. Glass tubes and lumps of metal are arriving at our offices and we need to tell other people what to do with them, Whiplash listened to a man who arrived with a large box and wrote down what he said to her, I've typed her notes up so we can all know what's happening:

electrical dome comments
2 x 4 ft connector leads with 12 way female one end and 4 way females at the other end

connect spheres to junction box spotex making (cameras have gone to spotex)
box of mashers large and small spring mashers coming tuesday item 2 on scan drainage or disc springs on nautilus draining

plastic mashers – 1 made big for dome electrics, 4 smaller ones for little domes
2 x 5/8 hole optics
2 x 1/2 “ hole electrics

2 optical connector with big one and one each little one

still havent got camera with large enough head so big dax

Kevin back on Tuesday


  1. Well poo. Who doesn't understand that? She merely needs four females who like a big head and some mashers. Or something. Sounds like a party.

  2. Mr Fly very anxious to meet four way females before Kevin returns on Tuesday....feels he is not quite up to the twelve way female yet....

  3. Giggling too much to type coherently.

  4. "12 way female one end and 4 way females" - I'm not even going to go there, but it sounds like science fiction.

  5. "12 way female one end and 4 way females at the other end" is the phrase that got me too

  6. I would like to volunteer to help with the 12-way and 4-way females!

  7. Did he leave any ‘any way females’? They’re the best type…..
    Thanks for a fun post.

    All the best, Boonie

  8. Clearly multi-way females are a big hit round here.

    Will try and get more details

  9. I'd like to see some twelve way females one day.


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