Monday, May 5

Dressing is Impossible These Days

The weather never delivers what it seems to be promising in the morning and clever is the girl that puts together an outfit that will perform correctly for the whole day.

Today it started summerish and ended on an arctic note. The man called from India complaining about the constant heat and telling me how he wished he could be in a cold and damp place

When I'm home alone I defrost a UFO* and have myself a surprise supper - lucked out tonight it was chicken and flageolet bean casserole. Last time it was yeasty sourdough starter.

* UFO = Frozen Object that I didn't have the wit to label


  1. Is that individual wearing braided bread loaves and potato chips? Just checking.

    1. What else can you do with yeasty sourdough Kim?

  2. I am fed up with dressing for the bonkers weather. I am either too hot or too cold... and have to carry extra clothing at all times.
    I am cold now.

    1. I am not cold because I am wearing all my jumpers - but I do have neckache


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