Monday, August 11

a regular visitor

to the Brain Surgery arrived today with scars on her arm

and I've got a bad leg,  I've not been line dancing for a fortnight

what happened?

I was running down the path with cake


 my niece visited and I forgot to give her cake -  so I ran after her with it and slipped

did you land on the cake?

no but my husband was so angry with it that he swore at it and kicked it right to the end of the path


  1. Dairy products killed my uncle. He was crawling across the highway, drunk, and was hit by a milk truck.

    [rim shot]

  2. Oh. But she would have needed the cake to make her feel better.

    1. She was still in shock about hearing her husband swear - she said she'd never heard him say that word before - didn't even realise he knew it!


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