Sunday, August 3

I was in a part of Devon

and needed to get to another part of Devon. 

My local expert advised that a route through winding unsigned lanes would be the best idea

I set off and after a few bends realised that I was driving behind a large vehicle full of dogs - paws up against the rear window making faces at me.

Me and the travelling dog show went on for a few miles then the road widened, the dog-lorry pulled over and a large man got out and waved me down

you looking for something?

Tedburn St Mary - is this the way?

You're not looking for a terrier then?

No thank you

It's just that we saw one on the road back there and picked it up ... but then we dropped it off at the pub ... thought it might be yours


  1. Indeed, dogs get free travel to pubs in Devon, this is why I am often found by the side of the road dressed in my dalmation dog onesie.

  2. Now I am concerned if cat persons are welcome in Devonshire. Something like wearing the wrong soccer team shirt into a pub?

    1. They love big cats in the west country


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