Thursday, August 7

When I started working

at the Brain Surgery the main things I didn't like there, were the colour (pork pie meat) and the smell in the waiting room (charity shop underwear).

Which is why I offered to decorate it last month. Also, the doorbell worked only intermittently causing patients to call to me through the letterbox to get let in.

After the decorating the doorbell didn't work at all but the smell had miraculously disappeared.

Today the Brain Doctor noticed that a thing that used to be plugged into the wall at skirting board level had disappeared - This apparently, was the doorbell buzzer (!!!)

I'd taken it for a stale room freshener and thrown it out. I've promised to buy a new one before Monday.


  1. I would say that is the correct priority: fix the smell first, then the buzzer!

    1. Worried that I won't be able to find an odourless buzzer

  2. Very easy mistake to make. Someone should invent the multi purpose plug-in whereby whenever the buzzer is pressed there is a burst of fragrance.

    1. ...and the fragrance should be multi choice - the odiferous equivalant of a barking/roaring/tweeting doorbell


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