Wednesday, October 15

Virtually no traffic

comes through the village but most days I hear a parping horn that signals the arrival of a van that stops and then people come out of their houses and buy things from it. 

Today I heard the horn and ran out - determined to buy whatever was on offer - it was fish.

A man was also buying fish - I recognised his blackandwhite pointer dog that had followed me home in an elaborate game of Grandmother's Footsteps yesterday.

During the fish transaction we established that I am neither the sister, aunt nor cousin of the lady who owns the whippet


  1. The tres riches heures of Lulu. Love the drawing. Also the word "parping" which is completely new to me.

  2. You have been too sheltered Kim xx

  3. Looks as if you made a killing in the fish market!

    1. the man had an aquarium and a harpoon


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