Saturday, October 18

wondering if I can fit the whippet in my luggage

not sure if I'm going to be able to say goodbye - hoping that he's fold-able and I can take him with me next week.

The weather's been moody as an adolescent - the whippet made me go out and has hauled me through woods bulging with fungi but I'm far too much of a coward to pick any of it.

In the market today fierce people bullied me into buying at least ten times more vegetation than I can possibly eat - I show  them how much I want and they throw their arms up and shout something like

There's no bloody point selling that poxy amount - it's a kilo or nothing

Other market trophies include an uncooked blood sausage that I think needs boiling and some smoked cod that I think is eaten raw and some tins of smoked cod liver which is my favourite thing in the world but I'd forgotten it existed.


  1. Last time in Berlin at a Christmas Market, I asked the sales lady at a food booth if I could buy three Quarkballen instead of the six in a normal order. But the boss stepped in and said this was not possible. What, it was going to mess up his inventory of pastry?

    So I went to another booth that sold them individually and bought three.

  2. There's always a way round, I worked out to visit the smaller stalls

  3. I would be happy to take the drawing home.

    1. thank you sweetheart - I have brought a suitcase full of drawings home xx


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