Wednesday, October 29

Had supper with Whiplash last night

Dessert was divine

Whiplash is the châtelaine of an apartment block and is currently following the gardening contractors around to see if they actually do anything.

Next week or soon after she and another woman will be helping a friend give birth.

I've made an infusion of clary sage to mist her with once the contractions get going, Lisa's going to massage her face with a blusher brush

There's a soundtrack, when she gets to the last bit she wants to push it out to Led Zeppelin

they visited the birthing suites at the maternity hospital - all the other pregnant women were accompanied by men

We looked a right set of lezzers so I kept mentioning that the father was planning to be there too


  1. If she's taking suggestions: Whole Lotta Love!

    PS: Great to have a fresh Whiplash story!

  2. I know we're all different and all of that, but if someone came at me with a blusher brush and another person with a mist of clary sage (whatever that is) during a contraction they might have then needed a visit to the emergency room. And, as much as I love Robert Plant, I would worry about a child born to Black Dog or whatever. Like inviting the evil fairy to be first in line with the Christening gifts. (Not that it's any of my business). The dessert looks very appealing.

    1. but doesn't it have the makings of a wonderful scene Kim?

  3. I have never given birth, but like Kim, I have a hunch that the mist of Clary Sage may not be so welcome when the time comes.
    Meanwhile, I imagine Led Zeppelin would be more preferable than Robbie Williams.

  4. UNTIL THIS VERY MOMENT I THOUGHT A châtelaine WAS A PROSTITUTE excuse me for yelling I get excited when I learn a new word and also I get excited when I find I've been using a word incorrectly FOR 61 YEARS. Also I had to speak to my mother today which made me feel like vomit.
    Rebecca the Vommity Châtelaine

    1. Have sent a sick bag that I kept after not using it on a bus a few years ago- hope it arrives in time xxx


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