Sunday, November 2

I resisted endless tempation

when shopping in town yesterday;

First I walked past this crocheted poncho at the charity shop reduced from £20 to JUST FOUR.

It was also World Vegan Day - the local vegans had set up trestle tables outside the supermarket.

Guessing that Vegan World might have off-putting aspects they cunningly lured people over with a sign written in biro on an old cardboard box announcing FREE FOOD. A cross-looking lady septuagenarian in harem-pants and rainbow hair was transforming piles of dry-looking vegan 'sausages' into tasty bite-sized chunks and a pale man was handing out photographs of baby chicks in a blender and some bloody sheep heads.


  1. I have never understood why vegetarians/vegans have things they call "sausages" or "hamburger" or "turkey" or whatever.

    1. it's like they can't make up their own names for stuff. I'd be a great vegan-food-namer

  2. Best posts in the history of posts ever.


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