Tuesday, November 4

It rained so hard

I wore my new pointy boys shoes which are a bit slippy so I had to fight my way to the Brain Surgery this morning, my hands were too occupied with my bag and umbrella for air-punching.

When I redecorated the Surgery a few months back I rearranged the artwork in a way that favoured waiting patients. In my absence the Brain Doctor has put all the good paintings back into his consulting rooms - the reception area, and my view, is once again blessed with cheesy floral arrangements and faded sailing ships.

it is also cold


  1. I have a feeling that you are about to embark on a very long game of switching paintings...

  2. Amazingly, a weather system has settled over Austin and it has been almost continuously raining for 24 hours!

    1. I bet it's not as chilly as it is here


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