Friday, February 27

Miranda July

is my big girl crush, I love her writing, her art projects are brilliant and she is very good at titles -I am particularly fond of  Eleven Heavy Things 

As we have both contributed to Sheila Heti's book Women in Clothes - I feel like we are colleagues if not actual friends.

Miranda visited Bristol last night to talk about her new book The First Bad Man (which is great!) and I have spent the last week suppressing my excitement in case it didn't happen*

Just in case she really did show up I resisted eating kippers for lunch as I hoped to get to speak to her.

She showed up, she was patient with the embarrassingly awful interviewer and she was funny, she also signed my copies of her books and was charming.

*last time I went to see a writer at this same venue he didn't show


  1. The kipper sacrifice was worth it ... congrats on the successful encounter!

  2. Ooh! Are you going to be famous?

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want to read your work!

  4. Hooray for you. With all the celebrities in your past I'm pleased to see you can still get excited about meeting a new one.

    1. I get far more excited about meeting my heroes these days


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