Sunday, February 1

On the train home

I looked for the quiet carriage and sat opposite two young women, an enormous pile of make up was tipped out on the table between us and one of the girls was picking up a succession of pots and brushes and attacking her face with them while narrating her endless anxieties;

...I'm really worried about being stuck in a taxi for - like - three hours with a random frenchman

Not in an 'I'm-scared-for-my-life' sort of way but in an 'oh-my-god-what-if-he-tries-to-talk-to-me' way


  1. My personal fear would be that the Frenchman would go on and on about the cinematic genius of the films of Jerry Lewis.

    1. you just have to nod and say 'mais oui!' at regular intervals

  2. I've been wondering all week what a "random Frenchman" might be...


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