Tuesday, October 20

I cycled to school today

It was the first time and I was so nervous cycling through That London.

I tagged on to some other cyclists which felt safer so I carried on following them, we were like ants in a Game Park scooting alongside herds of migrating vehicles and I lost track of exactly where I was but I was cool in the bike pack so I figured that they probably knew the best way to go.

Unfortunately this meant that I took a very long way to school and I'd have got there quicker if I'd walked.

When I got back to this week's lodgings I walked into the living room and discovered that this week's cat had used her bottom to draw a long skid mark all along the arm of the fat white sofa - it's like a child with a box of brown crayons came to visit.


  1. Zoologists call it "herd protection" don 't they? Well, there you are, then - you are in an official grouping. (Not the same as being a groupie. Sorry.)

    1. Also it's a bit like what fish do 'a school' how cool!


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