Friday, October 2

I lost Crunchy

In the people ocean

It was a blazing hot sunny day so I bought a slimy sandwich and sat on a wall to eat it

A person wearing skinny black jeans, black multi-buckled biker boots big black glasses, black duvet jacket and black leather flying hat with black side flaps came and sat next to me. From her big black bike panier she pulled out the biggest bowl of dressed lettuce in the world.

I thought she might be a radical vegan so I hid my sandwich and we got talking

she's nice


  1. Radical there's a scary thought!
    I hope you find Crunchy...

    1. She'll bob up again we have at least one lecture together next week. Vegans are the scariest people I've met!

  2. I hope Crunchy doesn't get soggy in the people ocean.

  3. i WAS considering auditing a class or two at the local college, but i'm thinking, maybe not. . . ;) xoxoxox


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