Thursday, October 15

Ushing for a living

I am employed as a some-time usher at an institution that hosts public events. Tonight we debated the question of  ‘Are Things Getting Better or Worse?’

The two main speakers were a gentleman with exquisitely sculpted hair and excellent trousers and a physicist with a pudding-bowl haircut and floppy leisure pants. The physicist said things are getting better because we know more stuff and will make really good robots to fix everything then the well-trousered-gentleman said things will get worse because of all the ways people could easily use technology to do bad things and anyway climate change and population growth.

I had to dart around with a microphone so that the audience could join in. An orange-haired woman pointed out that better and worse is not at all a clear-cut issue:

there could well be people here who want London to be a clean city full of bike-riding vegetarians - this is my idea of hell

At the end of the talk I stood smiling at the door as everybody filed out or stopped to complain, there was a lady who’d had to sit next to someone eating a muffin and getting drunk and another with deaf aids who couldn’t hear a thing but had hoped for a bit more philosophy.


  1. I ushed at Michigan Stadium a couple of times in the 1970s. 105,000 drunks. Nothing interesting like bike-riding vegetarians.

  2. we're sort of on the same page, sweetpea. ok, i'm not an usher, but we both...ok, we're both blogging. LOL anyway, the bike riding vegetarians in london made me laugh. ;) xoxox

    1. We are on the same page - you've just got better food xxxx

  3. Never gonna catch on in London, all those cycling vegetarians. Because, Smithfield.


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