Friday, December 25

did I mention the pigs?

the manpig has curly tusks - due to excessive boisterousness he lives in a secured enclosure, a sort of overgrown quarry with roman remains in the middle of it. The ladypig lives separately in a wooden house encircled by a wire enclosure, inside the wooden house she has constructed a giant nest of hay.

She lets herself in and out of the enclosure via a spring door that she can manoeuvre with her body, she spends her days trundling around the garden, visiting the neighbouring olive grove or chatting to the boisterous one through his fence.

The pig owners met us briefly to discuss feeding schedules and health issues - they are concerned that the ladypig seems unfeasibly fat and are sure that it's down to her lack of exercise - the Man and I have a strong suspicion that her fatness is due to soon-to-arrive piglets.

This morning the ladypig and I walked down to the oak tree for an acorn-ey breakfast accompanied by cucumber and carrot, she looks even bigger than she did yesterday and she made a very nice leafy nest for her afternoon nap.

I've been scanning the interweb for pig-mid-wifery tips: rubber gloves and iodine and  a special piglet box need to be on hand.


  1. And warm towels. My sister and I were visiting one of her friends when their two ladypigs simultaneously had babies. It was cold weather, so we heated every towel they had and wrapped the babies to keep them warm until the moms could tend them. It kept us all very busy that afternoon.

  2. I'm so excited for this turn of spectacular turn of events. Piglets are adorable. Happy Christmas!

    1. I love piglets too but I don't think they will appear before I go - I can't decide if I'm relieved or sad about this. Happy After Christmas xx


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