Sunday, December 27

the pigs won't eat broccoli

but they love apples, carrots and cucumber and they especially love banana

we have fallen into a routine:  breakfast is dropped off at the manpig's estate, the ladypig waddles out with me to the oak tree to snorkel for acorns then returns to remodel the interior of her home

I can now tell the cats apart - this is mainly because the one who's been getting five breakfasts daily since my arrival is now 'the fat one'

My Christmas projects have been to watch the 'Star Wars Trilogy' and to read Naomi Klein's 'No Logo' - all this catching up with the latest in popular culture has emboldened me to consider finding out who the Spice Girls are and how to do a 'selfie'


  1. Is watching the Star Wars trilogy prep for seeing the new Star Wars movie? Disclosure: I saw it twice last week.

    1. Yes it is LX - if I don't watch Star Wars I won't be able to chat with my nephew for at least the next ten years - and I do love him dearly


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