Sunday, February 14

pink breakfast

in honour of Valentine and in anticipation that I'd be spending today unromantically, I took myself out  yesterday to the most-expensive-cafe-in-the-world where I ordered as many pink things as were available on the menu

and several not-pink-but-tasty things

The Trousers of Despair

I brought some 'optimistic' trousers to London:

i) they are smart and will be good to wear if I get invited to a smart interview 

ii) they fit me too snugly, my aim has been to make that aspect less so

also,  the hems need taking up - today I set out needle, thread and the Trousers which now fit too snugly for sitting down


  1. It's a very curious thing (and probably something we need to throw research/grant money at), but items such as trousers and sometimes skirts undergo a transformation when hanging for longer than a day inside a closet.

  2. I hear that standing is all the rage in London these days.

    1. It really is, I'm great at queuing xx


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