Monday, February 29

today I played hookey from school

to attend a textiles masterclass, by the fabulous Faye McNulty who makes slinky devoré fabric interlaced with thermodynamic ink that glows when you get warm. She also made the massive batik sails for Yinke Shonibare's ship in a bottle that sailed across Trafalgar Square last year and  she makes wild runway creations for the fashion shows.

I have come away clutching recipes for acidic dyes and discharging dyes and instructions for how to burn through the threads of a fabric to reveal an underneath layer. Also I made some very pretty pink and green silk fancies

in cat news
If I leave the valise on it's side with the sections unzipped the cats can slide between the layers and hide while also peeping out to watch me knitting


  1. That sounds like a productive day for you and the cats!

    I would love to have a Ren Faire cape made of the color-changing fabric!

    1. But you have already the Best Cape in the World!!!

  2. Ink that glows when it's warmed.... I'll 'ave some of that!

  3. Replies
    1. wouldn't it be great if you got the radio through your clothes ... just put the hood up to listen

  4. It seems to me that those textile masterclasses are great. As for me, I'm working with ceramics but I have a lot of friends that work with textile and they make beautiful things.


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