Tuesday, November 8

I went to Paris to buy a chapati roller

I also went to See Things but I was poorly so only got as far as the roller and a bowl of chips before retiring to the bed of my tiny rented apartment.

Here I gained an insight into another answer of how Parisian women  stay so remarkably slim:

A very small kitchen plus an enormous fridge. Only a very slim person can get into the kitchen with the fridge and then the tiny space between body and fridge only allows access to a small amount of food, the bigger you get the less food available - a perfect feedback loop


  1. That roller look as though it may have an interesting story...

  2. "chapatis"

    Had to google that one. Sort of like a tortilla? I have a tortilla press. Squish the dough flat between the metal plates.

  3. I hope you are feeling better now.
    Yes.... a Smeg fridge freezer takes up a lot of space :-)

    1. You're the expert - the problems faced by a girl with a lot of Champagne (sighs)


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