Thursday, November 24

I'm in new temporary accommodation

The house-owner had mentioned that if the front door was left open the next-door-neighbour-in-his-dressing-gown was liable to run in, pelt down the hallway, out the other side and leap over the fence into his own back garden.

I'd figured this could go either way - scary or entertainment - I reserved judgement. 

Chatting with this neighbour and his wife last night I realised that they were trying to decide if they wanted to be friends with me, I'd told them that I normally live in Bristol: 

Have you got a big house in Bristol? 

yes it's a whopper 

and a garden?  

well, more of a park really


  1. There is a saying in Texas, "It's not bragging if it's true!"

    1. also I think people enjoy a good story - even if the truth gets a little stretched

  2. Well, the house is big. And I might commit a felony for your back garden.
    But I think your wee fib should put them off...

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  4. Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!
    I will remember this for the next time I'm on a friendship flirt!


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