Wednesday, October 11

I was minding my own business

at a café in London yesterday, I'd been there ten minutes before a Man-who-knows-everything came and sat next to me. He was elderly and, despite the continental-effect dark glasses, black beret and trench coat, he was clearly east-end-london born-and-bred

I know all the best places I do, wanna know the best value pot of tea in London?

turns out that it's in a café by the Hoxton peace mural

three quid for a massive pot and you can stay as long as you want

He did actually turn out to know everything and I have several good tips on things I must do this week - here are a couple that I'm willing to share:

a) get the best view of St Paul's
Marks and Spencer's on Cheapside, go down in the food basement at the end of the day, they'll be marking down all the food to stupid prices so it's worth going just for that, but wait till sun's just going down and there's no-one on the escalator and then up you go and St Paul's will loom into view in a very impressive way

b) see anything for two hours for free 
At the back of the BFI, sign in to the Mediatech at the back and it gets you access to an unparalleled film library - anything you want


  1. BFI? British Film Industry, yes?
    Love the instructions for seeing St Pauls!Priceless...

  2. Now we know it all! I must get a beret.

    1. Take Care! - many's the time that my attempt at 'French Actress' has gone all Frank Spencer

  3. But what made him sit next to you? How did the conversation start? I have more questions, but I think I might be missing the point, sweetpea. xoxo

  4. These are wonderful tips, and having worked close to Cheapside I'm gutted that I never viewed St Paul's from the M&S escalator.
    BUT.... obviously I want to know about the tips that you are not willing to share. Are you saving them for a book?

    1. I might just eke them out - for those 'no news' periods. Also he was slightly incoherent so they might not be true/accurate xx

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