Tuesday, October 17

in a bookshop today

I was browsing and selecting a few greetings cards while the guy behind the till gave the girl stacking shelves an account of what kind of a wild party animal he is, it wasn't convincing and I zoned out until I got to the till and tried to pay for my cards, it took a while because they continued their conversation, he rang up the total and took my money without looking in my direction:

... so does she identify as gay or bi?

She says queer but she also says she doesn't actually like having sex with anyone

I haven't had sex in a million years so I think I must be asexual

me too 

he handed over change, then looked at me as if to say - are you still here?

do you want a bag with that?


  1. And shop owners wonder why they're losing sales to online sites! *amazing* xoxo

    1. I know - I'm guessing they see themselves as performance artists xx

  2. They both qualify as tacky!

  3. I quite like being invisible. Although I might be kidding myself that I am!

  4. "I haven't had sex for a million years so I think I must be asexual."

    Correct answer: do you want a bag with *that*?

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