Tuesday, June 5


Scenario 1 : an almost empty charity shop this morning  
I am examining curtain fabric, an exotic-looking young man is standing near me, he is examining a denim coat and keeps exclaiming

Oh look sheep fur ... it's lined with sheep fur ... even the arms are lined with sheep fur  

I put down the curtains, look at him and put my hands inside the coat sleeves. He looks sheepish and modifies his claim

No ... there's not really sheep fur in the arms ... but look at the sheep fur in the body 

I open the coat fully, indeed the body is lined - with tan teddy bear fabric. It is a beautiful coat and would suit him. I say that he must have it. He declines - unsuitable weather.

Scenario 2 : a crowded waiting room in the hospital this afternoon.   

I sit by an elderly Indian lady, she is dwarfed by the enormous wheelchair she is sitting in. She rolls up her trouser leg to show me her knee, she says that now she always wears trousers:  

Sari is very elegant but it collects a lot of dust between the legs as you walk 

Scenario 3 : with The Man and His son at supper this evening

Strawberries and cream are on the table. The son puts strawberries in his bowl and then cream ... a lot of cream ... then more strawberries... then more cream
I put too much cream in, so I had to add more strawberries, but then there wasn't quite enough cream so I had to add more ...  it's a delicious circle


  1. "I had to add more strawberries"

    I am completely with him on that one. It's a delicate balance.

    1. it really is ... and then if you add meringue to the mix ..

  2. Replies
    1. She gave me an image of a sari being like those old fashioned hoover bags

  3. The problem of unsuitable weather... and no suitable place to store clothing for winter.

    1. We should be like John and Yoko - having an entire apartment just for our coats

  4. I haven't heard such great exchanges in ages! There was some really funny family gossip at table this past weekend, but probably only funny because we knew the lady involved! xoxox


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