Friday, June 28

I started this blog as a sort of therapy

it didn't occur to me that anyone would ever find it. I didn't know about the comments box, 'following' sounded definitely creepy. I didn't know how supportive the bloggy community can be, and I certainly didn't expect to make actual, real life friends through this blog.

Today I read this post from someone who started commenting here 10 years ago,  ... this wonderful man always makes great comments on his community of blog chums posts,  often adding funny and interesting links.

A great traveller and incurably curious, I had the pleasure of meeting LX in Real Life in Bristol when he was on one of his Grand European Tours

He'll be missed by many


  1. I didn't meet LX, though we exchanged emails. He's a lovely man. Very sad today.

  2. I nearly met Mr Lax, but his trip was cancelled that year. I always thought we would meet one day.
    Ditto Z. I feel very sad today.

  3. We never met, but I always felt as if we had. It is a very sad day. xo

  4. We all feel the same.
    But I am glad to have "known" him through blogging and email.
    And it helps, knowing that so many of you feel the same.Comforting.

  5. I consider myself fortunate that he's been part of my life even though we never met in person.

  6. It is comforting to know we are similarly affected by Mr Lax, we'll all miss him


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