Wednesday, June 17

Leaving France Behind

The car incident from the previous post was the last thing to happen before I left France last autumn.

Earwig Sandwich has been largely based on the journals I kept while we were filming Smalltalk Diaries

Many incidents did happen at the time of writing and everything that I have written about actually happened, all of those people exist and I maintain contact with many of them.

We kept the Lovely House on after we’d finished filming Smalltalk Diaries and did other filming work there. All the work lined up for the coming year is away from Europe so we reluctantly handed it back to the owner.

Smalltalk Diaries
is a series for children, it’s been aired on various BBC channels but for the moment there is no sign of it being shown anywhere else (this has been a frustrating saga and and too tedious to relate).

We can't sell dvds yet (however I can give away dvds to the first 10 people who email me an address).

The Director is filming in a very remote place in Botswana at the moment – I’ve set up a blog here for his reports from the Kalahari.


  1. Oh, I would love to have a dvd.. I will send email address separately.


    ps: it have been a great trip!

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us. It has been a pleasure to read.

    Bonne chance, Lulu!

    PS: I have sent my DVD request via e-mail.

  3. I'm so sad to see it end, it has been great fun hearing about your adventures! Your characterizations of people are very entertaining :)

  4. Smalltalk Diaries is brilliant.

    It MUST come to Canada!

    Canadians will not be able to resist bugs with British accents.

    By the way, how did you decide which type of bug would have which regional dialect?

  5. Thank you so much for writing about your adventure. Every day I look forward to finding a new entry... I will truly miss them.



  6. I'm going to miss this, it's been a treat.

  7. i've sent my email, sugar! like the others, i am so going to miss the earwig adventures! thye've truly been a treat to read...xoxoxox

  8. Thank you so much for those lovely messages. Great that it's been entertaining.

    I will still be at least visiting you all - blogging is quite addictive but I'm not sure if I can make arguing over the biscuits with Miss Whiplash sound like fun.

  9. Mail is sent... but I reckon I'm too late...

  10. I shall also miss this tremendously, but hope you'll stick around. I shall email, but like Scarlet, may be too late (the perils of going out for an after work drink).

    Now, I'll need to stalk the other blog.

  11. Nice reading about your buggy adventures, hope you will continue to blog.

  12. Bill And XL,
    I've loved discovering your blogs there might be another trip.

    Stef - I've been fascinated by the goings on at your place

    Jacob - you were the first visitor here, this blog was still a secret when you arrived.

    Kevin - I've been humming Nellie the elephant for days now thanks to you!

    MJ, the BBC insisted that we use British accents (we'd done an international pilot). So then we grouped families of animals with families of accents, all the beetles are Welsh, all the spiders Scottish, the ants are Irish, arriving via trial and error with everyone pitching in silly voices until it sounded right.

    Scarlet, Sav and Madame deFarge, I'm sure I can squeeze a dvd out for you (might have to wait until I've burnt a few more).

    Eric - I'm asking MJ for advice on cold turkey

  13. ah, not goodbye but adieu sweet lulu adieu!

  14. I will send my address via e-mail and hope that I am one of the 10 though I probably am not. Dang it! I should have powered up the computer earlier...I was up at 345am due to storms last night and a nocturnal cat. I look forward to other blogs and other adverntures from your point of view. I hate to think of a world without Earwig Sandwich!


  15. It's been a wonderful journey for us Lulu.

  16. Cold turkey didn't work out for me as you've witnessed.

    May I suggest weekly posts, i.e. just one per week for starters?

  17. Whatever's next - be it Botswana or UK - do tell us about it.

  18. I think there are enough gentlemen of a certain age lurking here to make an audience for "Arguing About Biscuits With Miss Whiplash"

  19. oh what a shame. I only just discovered you. too bad. at least I have all the time now to clock me through your archive.

    good luck with everything.

    xx Mrs Mum

  20. Deb - it's always au revoir round here!

    Mary - your dvd will be in the post soon

    BB - Great that you've enjoyed it

    MJ - Yeah - like that's working for you

    KAZ - Botswana is going on via the 'field journal' link in the side bar and I'm setting up another trip so I might have to start going on about that one.

    Kevin - we know that you're in love with the Whiplash so I might just post pictures of her to keep you happy

    Mrs Mum - I'll need the luck - Thanks

  21. 3000 euros in your underwear... this is not your ordinary garter belt is it?

    Oh, and I'm with Kevin on the Whiplash sagas. Go girls!

  22. Oh I've returned just in time for you to have made your goodbyes. Blimey. and it was all retrospective anyway, you sneaky old Lulu you.

    I'm going to miss you - try and keep posting.

  23. Inky - I have a special garter belt for extraordianry missions

    Frenchie - I'm sure I'll carry on, blogging is a virulent form of procrastination that I find irresistable

  24. Wow! What an unexpected ending to the story!

    Will watch for smalltalk diaries, perhaps it will come to the Land of Topiary, which extends a warm welcome to all buggy and hedgy things!

    Thanks for the great ride.

    Grateful Moo!

  25. So you were narrative Earwig Diaries from a distance of several months after it had happened? Remarkable. I'm going to miss it too. Let us know when you have a new blog set up for whatever new project you get involved in. GD.

  26. Mrs Cow - It would be great if Smalltalk Diaries could come to the US of A. I'll let you know when it happens.

    Gadj - A lot of last year's posts did happen in real time, I've set up another blog for the boys on the Kalahari trip (see side bar) but I shall just carry on wittering right here.

  27. Lulu - You realize you dropped this particular bombshell while I was away from my computer squiring my mother around New England? Am I too late for a copy of the DVD? Oh please say you will find an 11th one (or 12th or whatever) if I am. I feel practically a part of it all... I am sending you my email address.

  28. K - you are a part of it all and of course I'll find a dvd for you - send address


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