Thursday, June 25


Zena joined us in the office this week, a ravishing Swiss scientist who has been doing some research for an upcoming production on complex insect societies. We have given this film the working title of Superorgasm.

The Latin names of many insects trip off Zena’s tongue, but Whiplash and I need the Idiots Guide to Relevant Species that she has made for us and stuck up on the wall.

TV companies like a bit of sensationalism in their programmes so I’m looking for 'stories’ – ideally someone who has had a limb dissolved by ants or people who have had their car stolen by wasps.

A Pink Evening
In my continuing quest to get reacquainted with my neighbourhood, I have spent the evening at my local cinema, it’s the sort of place that serves Spanish brandy and carrot cake, their films are scheduled to start at 8pm but everyone knows that they never start on time and turns up later, the cinema staff wait until they think everybody has arrived before they start the film. Tonight their Japanese pink film season opened with A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn which is about a woman who pretends to be a cow.

Actually it was about more than that and managed to be touching as well as ludicrous. I think Jim Jarmusch must get inspiration from this genre.


  1. sugar, i am laughing my behind off heah! thank you! xoxox

  2. I love movie houses like that.

    I used to go to one in another city that was owned by a 30-ish couple. She sold tickets and concessions. He was the projectionist. Before each showing he would venture down front and have some interesting tidbits about the feature and sometimes a quick Q&A with the audience.

    This was the only theater in town to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show when it was released!

  3. Trippy post, I learned two new things.

  4. did your primary school teacher bark the command:

    "Hands on heads!"

    when the noise levels got too loud?

    yeah? mine did too.


  5. I suppose the obvious working title for this film would be Superfly, but that's already been taken. Do you live near the Brixton Ritzy by any chance?

  6. sav -

    xl - I love these cinemas too, despite the fact they often have uncomfortable seats and terrible sound.

    last night's film was introduced by someone who has written a book about the genre

    Bill Stankus - only two?

    TP - No she'd come round with a ruler to rap our knuckles and shout at us.

    Gadjo - Superfly will be appropriated another time, our title is a riff on a book by an imortant insect scientist

    I don't live near the Brixton Ritzy but it sounds like it's my kind of place

  7. WHoops! Savvy - Glad I made you laugh sweetie

  8. Are we talking the Hampstead Everyman by any chance - my old local?

  9. My DVD has arrived!!! Thank you!!!
    Who are the nice young men in your new header??? Have they run away from MJ?

  10. I think you should change the working title to "Supergasm". It rolls off the tongue easier. Yeah.

  11. Not that one either Frenchie, but sounds like I ought to try it.

    Ooh that was quick Scarlet - MJ thinks the nice young men are on loan but I've decided that they're staying - until I get tired of them.

    Hi Heff - What's the matter - can't manage one more syllable? You need do to some tongue press-ups

  12. DVD arrived too, will watch, listen and learn.

    But do they sell pick and mix at your cinema, you know my thing about sweets. Can't watch a film without them.

  13. Ravishing Swiss Scientist named Zena???? Go on then... ;)

  14. Madame DF - I've never been a one for the pick 'n' mix but I am a sucker for the home-made cake which is why I persist with this place. I will sit through reels in the wrong order and fuzzy sound if I've got a piece of gingerbread on my lap. Foam banana is not on their menu!

    Eric - Zena is a warrior princess - dynamisante, blonde and very fierce...

    do you need more?

  15. Hey Lulu-

    I clicked through to Wikipedia (thanks to your link) and learned that "pink film" is Japanese soft core porn. Hmmm. This puts another complexion on the fact that this is a woman posing as a cow.

    A box of odd things with your name on it should be crossing the Atlantic soon. Well, maybe there are many such boxes but only one will be from me. I hope there will be at least one thing in there that you like...

  16. That it is my cinema ! ;)

    There is “Atta mexicana” ant cutting machine of sheets, but we are quiet they live in Central America and of South America, it is far !! Ouf !

    Remain the wasps 25.000 species it is not nothing !!! And there is no king ! However there are males which fertilizes it, but after it divides to him the sex, vespula vulgaris ! vespula austriaca ! Vespula castrato yes !! The bitchy girl ! Moreover it has an aggressive temperament, it with the easy trigger !

    Bracket :

    When in “Apis will mellifera” the domestic bee which is English, since it has a queen who is made butiner by the false-bumblebee and which in the dash takes down a purse, not for the studies but because for him it is your money or your life though it does not have the choice !?
    Without speaking not about the workers who devotes themselves to the trophallaxie (glosse glosse!) beurk! Beurk! Beurk! That answers the question of a preceding station…

    The Castle of Gerland dominated a marshy ground it was crossed by many arms of the Rhone, These small arms of water were called “flies” by the Lyoneses.
    A small company built boats initially intended to make cross the Saone, and thus these bus boats were baptized “bateaux-mouches” Boats-flies .
    Their success gained the capital and thus Paris must in Lyon, name "bateau-mouche". Very quickly of other companies transfer the day and “the wasp”, boat larger than a fly, made its appearance!

    Funny no ??

  17. I haven't been over for a while and thought you were still in France. I was wondering what kind of rural French village had an art-house cinema and a lesbian cafe.

  18. K - Possibly the same thoughts went through my head as yours when I saw the cow-woman. The story proved to be far more bizarre than I could explain here.

    Crabbers - Atta Mexicana, is on our lit for filming. As for the rest, you are also quite correct.

    Daphne - My French neighbourhood was full of poufs - not a lesbian in sight. But the powerpoint slide shows at the village hall were very art house.

  19. Sorry Crabbers - I can't write English anymore - 'on my list for filming'

  20. Mince mon message a été zappé ?

    The cinema of art-house and lesbian coffee ,are currency current , Daphné .

    Moreover they are of use cocktails to base of mead , in the way glosse glosse ( the trophallaxie ) !!

  21. I don't know Brixton, but it sounds terribly exotic. You do work with an interesting bunch of characters.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way.

  22. Pink is soft core japanese bovinity porno? I could prolly sit through it ..on Acid!

    Seriously, is there any idea, regardless of how bizarre or innane, that has NOT been made into a film? When the end of days has arrived, I wonder which angel gets the brutal job of sifting through all the crappiest movies ever made in order to see who gets into Heavarna?

    Hey that would make a good movie!?

  23. Crabbers - I could never argue with your logic

    Dedene - lovely to see you here. I don't know Brixton either but it sounds like we should go...

    Donn - There are angels sifting through movies - don't they have anything better to do?

  24. Warrior princess - I have a French colleague who was described to me as a Jeanne d'Arc. Spot-on, if Jeanne d'Arc had a killer bod and a mind like a steel trap.

    There was a revival house in New York, the Thalia, whose seats were raked downwards from the screen.

  25. The Hulme Aaben used to be rather similar.

    I'm hoping the Stockport Plaza can solve its financial crisis: there's something wonderful about sitting in a cinema with a mug of tea watching George Formby fillums.

  26. Inky - I was at the Angelika recently.

    I think you're making it up about the Thalia... you mystery husband person

  27. Kevin, you snuk in there. A nice cuppa will numb all sorts of tortures. I used to habituate the Duke of Yorks in Brighton - it paid to remember which rows the seats were removed from though.


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