Tuesday, June 2

Testosterone Poisoning?

2nd June
We're all in a bad way at the moment - not me obviously because I'm a girl, but the boys have all got bad legs or fingers or something, one of the Camera Boys is so badly affected by hay fever that one eye is bandaged up and he appears to be out in soldarity with Pirate Cat. Ms Woolsfoot is concerned that we have succumbed to Testosterone Poisoning.

The Director has something snuffly - what could it be - Man Flu? ... no worse,

Swine Flu? ... worse even.

It must be Swan Flu!!!!

Watch out - it's coming to a menagerie near you.


  1. Now that you mention it, I seem to be losing my voice...

  2. oh my, sugar! but then again, quiet men? what a novelty! xoxox

    @xl...that was funny!

  3. testosterone poisoning? hahaha!



  4. It's the bugs. Give a can of Raid to the guys and they will all feel better.

  5. Does swan 'flu make one do the dying swan dance from Swan Lake? I do hope so.

  6. XL - Oh no - do you live in a menagerie too? Thos swans do sound a little hoarse

    Sav - quiet men - never

    Hello Nobe

    Bill - a can of Raid you say - does that work for you?

    Gadjo - not dancing just sad feathers and croaking

  7. I don't envy you - dealing with a house full of sick boys. Hope everyone gets well soon!

  8. Something about so many men together with few or no women brings out the maladies. It's almost a pun on words isn't it?

  9. I see your various flus and raise you SATANIC CRAMPS FROM HELL!

  10. Oy, Insect Woman - miss you. Bored with being a student. Only studied for 2 of the 3 questions so far and my brain hurts.

  11. can swan flu break your arm with one sneeze?

  12. Kat - Actually your sympathies have worked their magic all the way from Canada - I can see improvement already.

    Alphawoman - Menageries and Maladies - lovely words

    BB - you are wusses but we still love you (becaue we are Goddesss .

    MJ - Ok we know that we suffer more - but will those chaps believe it? - I don't think so.

    Frenchie - Yay! I've missed you too.
    Your brain hurts? come on over to the Brainhurt Hotel

    Kevin - swan flu can break your arm with one sneeze and Eskimos have 104 words for sneeze

  13. Your constitution does you proud. These men are omega males and should be banned from breeding henceforth.

  14. Mme Banane - The eugenicists did have a point didn't they?


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