Sunday, May 31

A Man's Man's Man's World

May 31st
The household testosterone levels have reached the highest point yet on our testerometer with the arrival of The Editor...

Ed is here to look through the footage and make 'selects reels’ but the Camera Boys have got him involved with fluffing* the spiders that they are filming in the cellar. Ed has embraced this role with enthusiasm and has invented a technique to control spiders by blowing gently at them through drinking straws.

*wrangling is the correct term for managing animals but we think it sounds a little crude

In other news ... the last dragonfly larva made his bid for freedom just as we sat down for dinner, meal abandoned, two stills cameras and a movie camera switched on - we now have the whole dragonfly emergence sequence in the can - Hoorah!


  1. i think this entry will keep me laughing for the rest of the afternoon, sugar! xoxox

    p.s. congrats re the successful shoot!

  2. Oh yes, I'm a bit of a fluffer ;o)

  3. Savvy - have you moved from the coffee pot to the bottle of wine yet?

    Scarls - Why doesn't that surprise me?

  4. I look forward to the day when fluffers contributions to the film industry are properly recognized at the Academy Awards.

  5. Oh Lulu! That illustration! How do you do it? Why isn't someone paying you to create these things? (Or are they? Nevermind, you don't have to tell). There is such a thing as testosterone poisoning, you know.

  6. Those poor spiders must feel violated!

  7. XL _ I am going to start a campaign for this sterling work to be recognised.

    KS - If I told you it would spoil the magic.
    Testosterone poisoning - really? Does that come about after the inhalation of sweaty socks or damp towels left on the floor?

    Wow - They are looking a bit ruffled

  8. Ah yes, I remeber seeing this as one of the options on the career guidence form I was asked to fill in when I was 16: Accountant, Dentist, Quantity Surveyor, Spider Fluffer...

  9. It's about time spider fluffers got the recognition they deserved.


  10. And all this time I thought fluffers were people who fluffed up pillows.

  11. 'Bringing off' spiders? Good grief. I was talking to a girl a few weeks ago and somehow fluffing popped up in conversation. The poor lamb had no idea what it involved. I playfully put her hair back from her eyes, carefully explaining that if she were to fluff me it'd be best to air caution.

  12. I do not wish to wrangle any spiders.

  13. Gadjo - Ihave a feeling that you'd enjoy fluffing more than the job you're currently doing - I think your workmates would be more responsive for a start.

    Mrs Cow
    Do you think there's much call for cow-fluffing? - I think you'd enjoy it

    BB - have you led a sheltered life?

    I was talking to a girl a few weeks ago and somehow fluffing popped up in conversation. As it does Emerson... as it so often does

    Deidre - we do it so you don't have to

  14. Lulu, err, not really, though thanks for your concern! (I may be a tart but I do at least pride myself on going all the way...)

  15. There's always a new perspective... I may have a shit job but at least I'm not pleasuring spiders (prior to their getting their leg over... leg over... leg over... leg over)

  16. Gadjo - a tart not a tease - I'll remember that

    Kev - pleasuring spiders is a very fulfilling role actually.


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