Tuesday, May 19

Hive Shopping

Following our recent bee fiasco I went and threw myself at the Maire’s mercy.

Where can I get a bigger, empty hive so we can make holes, then put bees in it?*

The Maire is quite mumbley and said something that I translated as
hhrrrmmmhmmm … later mmhm…nhmmn are you at home?

I wasn’t sure what this meant exactly but I said yes then went and lurked around the house wondering if he was planning to turn up today, tomorrow, next week... I really needed to go off and buy bricks and more plastic sheeting. The boys had gone filming at a lake and were out for the day. I ended up trying to intimidate a feral cat who comes round and terrorises our cat Julie - the invader is white with a black pirate’s eye patch. I made monster-claw hands at her and hissed, she flattened her ears, and made low blood-curdling growls like in those devil films. Monster-claw hands obviously weren’t going to work so I turned the hose on her.

The Maire turned up after lunch and I got in his car (still no idea what the plan was). He took me to a commercial apiculturalist – a very short man who was quite severely disabled, he swung himself about on a pair of crutches and gave me a tour of a machinery-filled shed where the honey is separated from the combs, it was quite gruesome - all dripping sticky after the morning’s honey-processing, with a surprising amount of dead bee debris around.

Honey Man and The Maire exchanged money for new wax sheets and a big wooden hive. The Maire refused my attempts to reimburse him and put me and the hive back at the Lovely House. He say’s he’ll be round when the weather is suitable to transfer the bees.

*The bees that the Maire brought round earlier this month were a small colony in a half-sized hive, as the colony grows they can be put into a full-sized hive (like repotting a plant)


  1. I think you're "in" there, Lulu - this mayor chap is really looking after you. (Can you as an English Gentlewoman vote in local elections there?)

  2. Ha ha... as easy as re-potting a plant... hmmm...
    I would have been here earlier but my blogrol and reader don't seem to be updating.

  3. Such a nice man. Such a bad kitty. I once read that if you spray diluted ammonia about they will stay away. But I don't remember what it said about having a cat at home at the time! Maybe it had to do with some neighbors cat spraying all over my front porch of a few years back. Anyway, it worked. Better ammonia that cat piss/spray.

  4. Gadj- I can't believe his change in attitude, I have made several attempts previously to 'befriend' him and he'd always been quite rude - until now...

    Scarlet ... yes, having a bit of feed trouble - bloody blogger.

    Alphawoman - I think borrowing a lion from the zoo is supposed to help scare away unwanted intruders...

  5. Is the local honey good?

    I bought some honey that was supposedly made from orange blossoms. How that's enforced, I don't know. Anyway, I didn't like the flavor.

  6. XL - The hives are placed near an orchard or field crop and that gives the particular taste to the honey.
    Lime blossom honey is common here and tastes very medicinal.


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