Friday, May 22

...And Now With a Grown Up In Charge

22nd May
The Director took charge of fixing up our new hive this time:

Bee's go to a lot of trouble to keep a constant temperature inside the hive, using their bodies to warm the hive up if the temperature drops and fanning with their wings to cool the place down. So we devised a way to get access with our lenses (boroscopes and endoscopes if you were wondering Mr XL) without letting in a draught.

We made holes about three inches in diameter in the sides and back of the hive

then we stole someone's yoga pants and cut off half a leg, stapling the stretchy lycra over the hole - The lycra has been cut with a cross so when the lens goes in it is covered by the material

To finish off, pieces of wood are fitted over each hole, they can easily be slid out for filming.


  1. Looks like someone is giving up yoga and taking up cycling?

  2. Have you always drawn, Lulu?
    I used to draw alot. Up to the age of about 15. I was only on bloody Tony Hart's gallery once and all.

  3. Reminds me of a cat-flap. Isn't it a bit dark in there for filming?

  4. Scarlet - cycling or clowning...

    Emerson - I used to keep sketch book diaries all the time, but then lost the groove

    You were in Tony Hart's gallery - I'm very impressed.

    Gorilla - there are fibre optics inside the endoscopes which can carry light to the subject.

  5. well done, mr. director! that bit with the yoga pants was inspired! xoxox

  6. Brilliant solution: happy bees, happy film crew!

    PS: Thanks for the 'scope info!

  7. I am digging the helpful drawings of late. How 'bout a self portrait next?

  8. Sav - He's quite good with ideas - even if it does mean raiding my wardrobe.

    XL - The symmetry is pleasing really - one day a buch of pillocks - the next we're quite brilliant.

    Mr Wow - What you talking about - that last post was a self portrait

  9. Your drawings are the bee's knees!

  10. I shall draw bees knees next Pru

  11. Isn't it freemasons who roll up a trouser leg? It won't be necessary now. I love the little drawings.

  12. I'm sure Eisenstein didn't have such initiative.

  13. Happy to see such a lovely hive, so well-designed, yet using spare parts from yoga pants.

    What more could bee desired?


  14. It looks like somebody's giving up yoga and taking up Treasure Island in pantomime ("...with Lulu LaBonne as Long John Silver")

  15. You make endoscopy sexy. Mwah!

  16. COOL!

    I can't wait to see this on the Discovery channel and I can say "Hey I remember much work it was to get that shot"

    You're a wonderful sketcher..
    any chance of seeing a Da Vinciesque 'Vent'urian Bee?

  17. This is Bee Big Brother, isn't it! (Can you do the announcer's Geordie accent though? It wouldn't be the same with out that.)

  18. Frenchie - I would love to go undercover at the Freemasons - you've inspired my next project.

    KAZ - Eisenstein would've had much grander initiatives

    Mrs Cow - I love repurposing - although I hadn't quite finished purposing my pants for yoga.

    Kevin - If I get to wear a parrot on my shoulder I'll be LJS

  19. Mr Nadler - a bit of lycra is transformational n'est ce pas?

    Donn - a Da Vinciesque 'Vent'urian Bee?


    Gadjo - we do call our house The Big Brother House and start the day with a cod-Geordie commentary.

    "...and it's day 102 in the Big Brother House an argument has broken out over the toy in the breakfast cereal."

  20. Oh, right. Well, I thought that was your maid. Or the pub owner or something. Or maybe I have very poor command of the obvious now and then.

  21. lol @bees-knees... You all are very resourceful!

  22. Mr Wow - I love that you have formed the impression that we keep a maid.

    Eric - Bees seem to pack a lot of pollen around their back knees!

  23. Love the illustrations! They're better than some that come with instructions on how to assemble a swingset.


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