Sunday, May 10

Fish and Cabbage

10th May
A comment on my last post from Mr Dilo in Romania indicated that I might not have explained the butterfly/cabbage thing adequately. Earlier this year I started a vegetable patch so that we would have a context to film some of our insects, I planted all the usual stuff including some flouncy green cabbages, I kept a few of the plants in pots - they don’t like being confined. The butterflies may well turn their noses up at my pathetic cabbage stubs but if there is no other option, they might lay their bright yellow eggs on the leaves. (I nicked the egg pic from here, where there are also some nice shots of the young hatching and a Cabbage White pupa)

Fishing on Friday didn’t go down well, none of us have wielded a rod (and to be frank, I've never seen the point of all that standing around) but there is a lake on the land that we rent and it is teeming with fish, fishing is the sort of thing a father does with his son ergo etc...

The chaps came back after less than an hour in a state of distress - a fish had responded to the baited hook with such gusto that it entirely swallowed the hook, it all ended very messily, the fish not being the sort of size to bother eating.

The fish are very friendly, they will come if I call them because they know that I have bread. My neighbours have dug a reservoir and want to stock it with these fish so yesterday I went to the lake, and once they were feeding I just dipped a bucket and Hey Presto!

My favourite fishing method is to creep up on the herons, they catch the big fish by stabbing them, if I surprise the birds just as they have made a catch they usually drop the fish as they fly off.

You've probably been irredeemably traumatised by that vision of my unmanicured toes, tomorrow, unless otherwise distracted, I'll tell you about Brenda's party.


  1. Do the fish nibbles tickle your toes?

  2. ewwwwww!
    they're touching you!

    the Japanese pay a fortune for one of those flesh-eating fish pedicures.

  3. how about a youtube video of you stalking a heron?

  4. You really are at one with nature over there aren't you, L?

    I always thought herons would offer a bit more resistance.

  5. I see you’re having one of those trendy fish pedicures.

    Oh Hai XL!

  6. Haha! Your new expression, 'Like taking fish from a heron...'

  7. You have taken smelly feet to a whole new level.

  8. XL - Yes they do

    TP - I've not heard of this

    Deb - I would not let myself be filmed in the ungainly stance that is necessary for the procedure

    Emz - Herons are a wiley lot - and to be honest I've only surprised two so far.

  9. MJ I see you’re having one of those trendy fish pedicures. I am so far ahead of the crowd I only notice them when I'm on my way home

    Eric 'Like taking fish from a heron...' I like this expression and will use it.

    Mr Awkward - Fish only get smelly when they've been dead a while, the same can not be said about my feet

  10. It looks like the perfect treatment for corns, although you don't appear to have any. Your feet look quite broad for a girl, are you any good at football?

  11. cheeky gorilla banana - all women have dainty feet - even those that don't. (not that I'm saying you don't).

  12. Sorry to have been so ignorant about the cabbage and the pupae.

    Lovely pic of your toes. And great use of perspective to make the fish look bigger even when lying next to a ruler (which appears to stretch away into infinity).

  13. Gorilla and Frenchie - I have what are known in the business as 'Cornish Pasty' feet. No-one would describe them as dainty.

  14. Gadjo - I will be expecting you to be able to correctly identify the eggs of all European butterflies by the time I've finished here.

    That ruler is actually measuring in French units which are twice the size of UK ones - that fish is bigger than you can imagine

  15. I am mesmerised by the sight of your nail varnish. I have never indulged in this. I may now be inspired to do so.

  16. Madame Banane - That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard.


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