Friday, May 29

Flying Under The Radar

29th May
The dragonfly larva are sneaking out of the tank when our backs are turned. We go off and film spiders or stop for lunch to find another empty skin is attached to one of the reeds on our return.

We know the remaining larva are ready to go at any moment because they are no longer paying any attention to the tadpoles we put in the tank - a treat they normally hunt down voraciously. We now have them under constant surveillance. Dragonfly larva have very good vision so if they catch us looming over their tank they duck back under the water and get behind some weed.


  1. Maybe it's time to post a Camera Boy (in a ghillie suit) 24/7 at the tank?

  2. XL - I love the Ghillie suit - and it might just work.

    I know Texas is getting bothered by fire ants - but how bothered? - are people really getting hospitalised?

    Deb - They'd still outwit us

  3. Fire Ants have been here for several years. I know of no increase in the problem. Have you seen any recent news about that?

  4. Fire ants once killed a lady in a nursing home in Mississippi by crawling onto her bed and biting her hundreds of times.

    The worst thing about fire ants is how you don't know they're on you till they all bite at once.

    Bring on the dragonfly larvae!


  5. MJ - I've seen funnier garments at your place

    XL - Not particularly recent news but 'Texas' and 'ants' have been in discussion lately.

    Ms Cow - that is a fascinating story - I think we should make a film about The Nursing Home Ant Murders

  6. i KNEW i should have captain chaos contact you! he already has a ghillie suit and lord knows, he knows how to hold a camera! but seriously, god luck with the shots! xoxoxo

  7. Dragonflies are one of the coolest animals, EVER. Their cast-off molts are called exuvia, which is also one of the coolest words, ever. I love to say that...exuuuuuviiiiiaaaaa.

    I envy your tank larvae, little roving creatures with mouths almost as big as their body, way cool.

  8. I never thought of dragon flies as particularly sneaky nor as having good vision - the things I learn!

  9. Does the ghillie suit come in blue?

  10. The things I have learned from you, Lulu! Really, the mind boggles. "Dragonfly larva have excellent vision." Who knew?

  11. Dragonfly larva have very good vision, eh? What misguided evolutionary process blessed infant insects with all the good luck??

    (The "Nursing Home Ant Murders" would go down a storm here, where they think all Englishmen live in the Cotswolds, are gentlemen, and look like John Nettles.)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Savannah - Shall we introduce Cap'n Chaos to Scarlet, they could go out in matching ghillie suits


    I didn't know that word Kate , I shall make a point of using it regularly:
    for example when entering charity shops
    'the exuvia found in Kensington is excellent'

    Deirdre - stick around for more unreal revelations!!

    I'm sure that can be arranged Scarlet

    K - Most insects have amazing vision

    The adults are sharp-eyed too Gadj

    Romanians watch John Nettles? Well I never!

  14. So basically it's a cocentration camp you're running for these six leggers is it?

  15. Can't spell. I meant, concentration.

  16. Is a concentration camp like a holiday resort where you get free fresh meals provided until you're ready to leave Emmerz?

    Or are is it that we have to concentrate really hard to catch them on the way out?

  17. I thought of you last night (do all the boys say that?). I was at a basketball game and a moth flew into my beer. I pulled him out immediately. It was in there for two seconds, tops. I had it by two fingers and threw him down toward my feet, releasing him along with suds of beer spraying. The moth hit the ground and immediately launched again and flew merrily off. Likely a little bit buzzed.

  18. Mr Wow - Lucky moth, I hope you drinking a decent European kind of beer x


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