Monday, May 18

Midnight Farce

18th May
The Director and I were fast asleep last night when four of our crew got back from the pub in the pouring rain and remembered that they’d promised to put holes in the beehive...

An electric drill, several extension cords and an umbrella plus black plastic bin liners were involved - and zero protective clothing.

The one holding the umbrella and the torch also filmed this adventure but much as I’d love too show you the wobbly, grainy footage of boys screaming in the rain, they are refusing to hand over the tapes, so you will have to take my word that bees did get upset, people did get stung and the holes were mostly drilled in the wrong places.

What we were able to see through the one useful hole was that there was too much wax and too many bees, packed too densely to be able to film in this hive. I now have to go back to the Maire to see if we can transfer this colony to another, bigger hive...


  1. Drilling the wrong hole is a serious matter, especially where the possibility of a stinging sensation is possible

  2. Nothing I can say would be remotely worth reading after Emerson Marks' comment! Laughing my big fat ass off!

  3. *hands Emerson a tube of ointment*

  4. Crabbers - les abeils françaises parlent anglais?

    Ems - I think you're talking from experience what really happened in that strip club?

    Mr Awkward - You're laughing now - have you read his latest post?

    MJ - Are you a nurse?

  5. Plastic bin liners? Electric cord? Hmmm... I've heard about these sort of films..

  6. hmmm - does Blue mean some of those "Snuff" films? Sounds like Snuff film + Mutual of Omaha + Family Man - or some such combination....

  7. silly drunken blokes - should have had an all-female production team.

  8. hmm.seriously, they had nothing better to do!

  9. Scarlet -
    Plastic bin liners? Electric cord... ...and half a dozen oranges

    Deb - Actually Scarlet is talking about a certain sort of blue movie *whispers* she has a background

    Frenchie - if it was an all-female production team it would have been in the can by now

    they had nothing better to do! It would have been better if they had done it better

  10. lulu - i will pay you one euro per boy if you can get them to wear xl's suggestion....

  11. Lulu - I can just see it. Did they come into your house when they were done? (The boys, not the bees).

    On another note, it seems like you have an alternative alter ego now (I see a different be-hatted, be-torpedoe-bra'd woman over there on your sidebar). Where do you find these? No - don't tell.

  12. I just stumbled upon this blog so I'm not sure what this means, but your header is totally killer. Like killer Beezzzz...

  13. Sorry to hear the drilling results were not the 'bees knees'...

  14. Oh lordy, this sounds positively suicidal. Didn't the bees already have a hole that you could have a used?

  15. xl - I'm gong online to buy a box load

    deb - done!

    KSV - I was fast asleep when the boys came in after the drilling, but I don't think the bes pursued them.

    For my alter ego - I'm a fan of vintage ads

    MadHatter - It's very lovely to see you here - welcome!

    Eric - the drilling results were not the 'dogs' bollocks either

    Gadj- there is a slit the width of the hive at the front. but this is their 'front door' - block this and you'll have trouble. I'll explain more fully when we actually do the thing.

  16. Lulu?
    when we go on that boat trip
    and the boat sinks and we get stranded on the island and the group decides to split in two -

    i'm sticking on your team.
    cos you've got skillz.

  17. Bees and booze, not a good mix. I found the Magdalene Sisters at the local library (don't you love it!) and was all ready for a great movie...and got the bejesus scared out of me. Thank God my grandparents emigrated to the US in the early 1900's from Ireland or I just might have....oh, the horror!!!

  18. Hello Ms Air Hostess Projectivist -

    I'll rub sticks together for fires and you can make sure that we have the most beautiful place settings.

    Alphawoman - Booze and boys especially dangerous I reckon.

    I found the Magdalene Sisters very disturbing - it is a really good film though.

  19. I wish I could've seen that. Were they drunk?

  20. i think you need captain chaos over there to help run y'alls crew, sugar! ;) xoxox

  21. bb - They might have been a bit on the drunk side

    Savannah - send that chaos man right over!

  22. Hi. Followed over from It's Lovely.

    Dear God. I think that to add to the list of things you ought to be breathalysed before being allowed to do
    such as operating a deep-fat fryer, shopping in the sales, texting your ex-lovers, and all new operating power-tools on a beehive.


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