Monday, May 25


25th May
The dead badger that we are filming in the orchard is getting quite smelly now. The whiff is detectable from our front door but the Camera Boys have been doing some macro filming right up close to the body and they’re looking a bit green.

As a break from the badger, they're preparing to film a dragonfly larva emergence. We've set up a big tank of pond water with aquatic plants and creatures in it, it's surrounded by lights and cameras. There’s a clump of stiff grass fixed in the middle of the tank and when they’re ready, the dragonfly larva will climb up a grass stalk and shed it’s last skin before becoming an adult and flying off. Several likely-looking candidates are swimming around in the tank and we’re all keeping a close watch on them for signs of emergence.

Someone found out that the old radio in the house will work if a tub of salt is placed on it. We've discovered a surreal radio station that plays a fantastically eclectic mish mash of music, I think it’s run by a co-operative; a piece of Schuman will follow hip hop or flamenco, there’s a Latino enthusiast who puts in a lot of chachacha when he’s in charge of the decks but they curb the heavy metal enthusiast by giving him his own show in the evenings. They play back to back music for an hour or so then someone reads out small ads on a sort of endless tickertape ...

Laurent from Beauville seeks a fridge, call him on 06 065 0982, Marie in Dodon has found a small black dog, if you have lost a dog call her on 06 986 8761, Eric wants to sell his sofa it is black vinyl and a little bit damaged but still extremely comfortable, suitable for a student perhaps call him ...


  1. A film about a dead badger... next year at Cannes? I smell a pris d'Or in the works...

  2. So glad they haven't invented smell-o-blog yet!

    The dragonflies sound very cool. I'd love to see that.

  3. I've seen a few films that appear to have been directed by a dead badger. Perhaps this is how he does it: insinuating his way into a film unit and then slowly taking over...

  4. I'm with the Camera Boys on the smelly badger.

  5. Why would anyone want to film a dead badger? Give him to the butcher, I've heard the French will eat most things.

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  7. Hi Jacob - I'd love to present a dead badger film at Cannes - I bet it'd win too.

    Stef - maybe smell-o-blog will be coming to a screnn near you one day!

    Kevin - Perhaps this is how he does it: insinuating his way into a film unit and then slowly taking over... Thanks I'm completely paranoid now

    xl - I'm with the Camera Boys on the smelly badger.

    You really wouldn't want to be

    Mr Bananas - It's the life going on in the badger that we're filming.

    Actually the French are fussier eaters than you might imagine.

  8. That's a 'screen' Stef - I haven't invented the screnn yet

  9. Radio sounds more fun than the late badger.

  10. J'ai adoré les dessins des postes précédant :))

    The old radio, is a post to galène ?? If this is the case, and that the music that some goes out resembles heavy metal, this are larsens!!

  11. gosh, i DO like the sound of that radio station! i'd enjoy hearing those adverts:
    i'd wonder about Eric and his sofa, whether he was able to find it a new home and was he able to upgrade to a leather one?
    and really, you don't hear enough chachacha music played on the radio, do you? i would enjoy swinging my apron-clad hips to it whilst i made biscuits. not cookies.

  12. ??? a tub of salt on the radio made it work ???

  13. Mrwriteon - Hello there, it's true no one is really enjoying the badger much

    Chér Crabbers (larsens - qu'est que c'est?)
    Tu m'accuse d'alchimie?

    Ms projectivist - chachacha is pefect frilly apron and fluffy duster music

    Eric - It's true, I'm wondering if i's being an ariel

  14. Sounds like a freak distortion in the ozone layer has brought you Resonance FM

  15. Clearly, the important thing is not so much the badger in your movie, as the movie in your badger.

  16. You really need to publish all your blog entries - I hope you get the chance to one day - you have a unique style (as does Mrs Pouncer). You are 'two-offs'

  17. Are there any potential Esther Williamses in the pond?

  18. particularly odd post that fits your blog quite nice. A tub of salt makes the radio work with an eclectic station that plays everything from salsa to Sousa. I love it, smelly dead badger and all!

  19. Ellis - Resonance looks like a great station with similarities to, but more organised than this lot.

    Autolycus - not so much the badger in your movie, as the movie in your badger.

    That's a wonderful turn of phrase, I shall use it and pass it off as my own very soon

    French - Hmmm two-of-a-kind you reckon ...

    MJ - There are loads of microscopic Esther Williamses - it's a true marvel

    Mr Mcclain - We are slipping through a Lynchian Looking Glass

  20. The dragonflies sound awesome. As does that radio station.

  21. Maybe scratch and sniff is the answer?
    Anyway, I was reading the new Wired magazine and there was an article on a new game in it. I thought of you right away! It's called Hive. "grasshoppers jump,spiders strike and ants crawl." It is supposed to be great fun and a big hit. I think I will get it. And you know how I feel about bugs. But. I think it might be good therapy toward learning to love bugs like you.

  22. I think the radio is in some kind of time warp...

  23. Deidre - you'd like the radio station.

    Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...
    Maybe scratch and sniff is the answer?
    We are already scratching and sniffing enough thank you very much
    ... despite this one can learn to love bugs.

    Scarlet - How are you today? - red patches fading I hope.

  24. Are you filming the badger in black and white? I watched an emerging dragonfly at the edge of a pool in Sotland once - all quivering lace wings and irridescent colour, and bigger than seemed natural. I shall look forward to seeing that.

  25. y'all know there's a built-in audience already for this documentary, sugar! xoxo

  26. Brother T - the badger's insides are being filmed in glorious technicolour - we've decided to make a horror film instead!

    Savvy - I'll be inviting you to the private view - if we ever finish the darn thing!


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