Sunday, July 19

Bringing It All Back Home

The Director is back from filming in Botswana, most of the kit is in storage but the lenses are up in the spare room for testing and cleaning. He's mostly been asleep since his return, which is a shame as I was hoping he might do some Man Jobs, like get the congealed fat out of the drain.

He's hoping I'll do some Woman Jobs, like fix all the broken trousers that are in his clothes bag. I won't be doing that because I'll have my arm down a drain, but I will model the trousers that show what happens if you stand too close to the camp fire.


  1. nice shoes, Mrs!

    that'll teach him not to wear thermal undergarmentry, won't it?

  2. Ouch! The burn appears to be on the inner side. He was straddling the camp fire?!?

  3. That's a very tasteful glimpse of your foot, Lulu. Don't chaps in Botswana stil wear puttees? And can't you just pour boiling water over the congealed fat?

  4. TP - Thanks, I like those shoes too. He was wearing silk thermals, it was incredibly cold.

    xl - Yes, it is on the inside leg - he said something about Brass Monkeys and trying to warm them up...

    Gadj - I think you're mistaking the Director for Mr Musgrove.

    The fat is too far down the drain in our cellar, we fight biannually for the privilege of that particular job.

  5. I have some trousers need hemming and some buttons sewn on.

    Are you up for it?

  6. FABULOUS shoes, I wish I could wear cool shoes around my place of business...must have toes covered at all times!

    You should teach them to sew, every man should know how to sew. Just 'cause you have two X chromosomes doesn't mean you must do their mending :) -kate

  7. OUCH! re: the pants and the drain, sugar! looks to me like those pants are toast! *snickering*

    (love the shoes!)

  8. MJ - I do comedy mending, adding bells and ric rac braid according to my whim.

    Kate - those aren't my hiking boots!
    Me teaching sewing - Ha! see my reply to MJ.

    Sav - Not tasty toast either.

  9. Soda crystals and boiling water might help with the drain?
    Tell him to roll the trousers up and wear flip-flops.

  10. Perhaps you should pin a warning label on his remaining pants:

    "Wearing my platform heels around open flames without proper coaching beforehand may result in unsightly and embarrassing trouser singes, which, incidentally, I refuse to mend."

    It's worked for me in the past.

  11. I've known lots of men with "pants on fire" syndrome, but none that took it so literally. Ha!

    Glad the director is home safe!

  12. Scarls - With this one, I have to get manual I'm afraid.

    Ms Teacup - you give coaching in campfire etiquette?

    Kat - I wonder if he was lying when they lit up?

    Hi Alphawoman

  13. How on earth did you burn the inside of your leg? That must have hurt!
    Glad your partner is home.

  14. campfire pants...soon the be new rage.

  15. Oh darling! Never stand too close to the campfire!


  16. Pity he didn't have the toasted marshmallows too. They'd have been lovely.

  17. Dedene - Those trousers were being worn by The Director when they went on fire. He was too cold to notice.

    D'you think it's the new rage JennyMac

    Welcome to you Michelle

    Madame Def - I think it was the fact that he was eating marshmallows at the time that distracted him from his legs being on fire.

  18. Le patron est un homme des cavernes ! L'Homo sapiens n'est ni erectus ni habilis :)

    The boss is a Caveman ! The Homo sapiens is not or erectus or habilis :)

  19. so sorry I've not been leaving a) very long or b) very speedy comments - the chair I sit in with my little laptop in front of me is killing my poor injured back and blogging is not really on the agenda atm.

    I googled your E-Street ex-lover - he was gorgeous, you lucky woman you

  20. Am I the only one who find that every year his drains suddenly start blocking up two weeks after the letter from United Utilities saying that for a sum not unadjacent to the g.d.p. of a small emergent nation they will take responsibility for the drainage on my land? One of those odd seasonal coincidences.

    I wish I'd thought of puttees before. They'll be useful in October when it's the flea season on the number 17 bus.

  21. Hot pants!

    Have you tried pouring a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar down the drain? You'll get lots of bubbly stuff that breaks down the grease. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then flush with a gallon of hot water.

  22. Actually he's not much of a caveman Crabbers - or he'd get down that drain wouldn't he?

    Poor old you Frenchie, bad backs are very painful - Pilates?

    Drains Kev - aren't they just a bane?

    I assumed you were a constant puttee-porteur

    OK Mr Swings, I want to see the bubbles - I'll give it a go!

  23. Oh those shoes. Perfect for setting to one side as you don the waders to get down and dirty with those drains. xxxx

  24. I wondered where my trousers had got to. And they're not burnt, they're fashionably distressed.

  25. Joeyjojo - I normally use the stilletoes for drain work.

    Inky - The trousers are now even more distressed

  26. Grease trap cleaning....glamorous stuff.


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