Monday, July 27

The Food Of Love - Part II

I packed up the Taste the World tent last night after Andy White, assisted by professional toast-maker John Leckie assembled and served a spectacular Rock ‘n’ Roll Breakfast.

Coco Pops & Kalua
Granola with Strawberries Flambéed in Irish Whiskey
Champagne with Marmite Soldiers.
with a side order of beer

John had said that he would make Eggs Benedict, but then decided that he wasn’t up to making a hollandaise sauce
Andy: but you’ve produced Radiohead
John: making Hollandaise is much more difficult than producing Radiohead

My work done, there was still time to go and see more musicbefore the end of the festival, all the food left had to be thrown out or given away, there were 4kgs of lamb in the fridge with no takers, so I divided the meat between my shopper and my handbag and took with me to go and meet Miss Whiplash who was watching Roy Ayers at the other end of the arena - I was halted in my tracks by music from this band*

and got no further. I saw no more of the Whiplash but she sent a text to say that Roy was totally amazing and she was running after his tour bus to see if she could have his babies.

I did see/hear a lot of great music, The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are raw pulsating sex on 18 legs, if there’s a show coming near you - see them.

I bought Antikrisis after seeing this and I’ve been playing it non-stop since I got home.

* Sorry about rubbish sound but it's as near as I can find to what I heard from Ba Cissoko a man currently being touted as Africa's Jimi Hendrix.


  1. I want to have breakfast with YOU people! :) I never thought there was a way to make granola sexy but hey, was I wrong!

    Also I'm now craving Eggs Benedict, so thanks for that.

  2. Aww,, Holiday sauce ain't hard! Don't even need a double boiler... in fact, easier over direct flame (low). You hold the pan above the flame with one hand, wisk with the other.

    ... not so good for arteries though. Mmmm, eggs Bennydict!

  3. Thank you for the after-action report! I was hoping there would be one ... and then there was the added bonus of Ms Whiplash!

  4. i am so excited about the new music, sugarpie! the coconut krewe is sooooo envious! xoxoxo

  5. I'm starving. Can I have Champagne and scrambled eggs... and some smoked salmon.
    Glad you have a good time.

  6. If The Bends was less hard than Hollandaise I wonder what would be the culinary comparison in the later bleepy, experimental Radiohead years. Something Heston Blumenthal would serve probably.

    Your weekend sounds really exciting. I'm very, very jealous. It was really, really, really hard work though, right?

  7. I've got the first clip playing whilst I type this and my foot is tapping, yes indeedy.

    The thought of bag full of lamb is a good one - will you ever get the smell out though? I do of course realise that you would not have had it lolling around au naturel in your bag.

    What's the next cool thing on your calendar? I'm going to live vicariously through you!

  8. This sounds like such good fun. I also love west African music, and remember seeing Mali's Bamako Rail Band at the Morecambe Bay WOMAD - just what Morecambe needed!

  9. Mrs Assassin - eggs benedict is the best breakfast ever, go and get some!

    Hi Jacob - see, if you can make the sauce you can become a record producer

    xl - Ms Whiplash is always a bonus!

    savannah - it's great to find new stuff to dance to isn't it?

  10. Scarlet - sure - you can join my Meals on Wheels club for Elegantly Distressed Gentlewomen

    Glory - It was really really hard work, I hate camping for a start and barely slept before starting work at 8am with my crépey tent-face hidden behind dark glasses.

    Frenchie - no you were right first time - the chops and diced lamb were rolling around with my lipstick and sunglasses.

    actually I have no idea what will happen next!

    Gadjo - the Bamako Rail Band must've been great.

  11. Hi Lulu -

    Just catching up here. You get the prize for most interesting jobs for sure. How does one get into cooking for the stars business? Is there an agent involved?

    I loved the shot a few posts back of your be-sandled foot below the scorched pants.

    The scales fell from my eyes reading your description back a few posts of how children's TV is made these days. Of course - like the Monkees and the Spice Girls and NSync and all those other pop culture concoctions - some mercenary producer just assembles the saleable and puts it out there. I'm afraid now that I have been awakened I won't be buying the Lulu Brand (TM) dolls you were hoping to flog

  12. Man! your music is SO much better over there! our version of a "festival" is 100,000 teenagers freaking out over crap pop music at the Meadowlands. you Brits sure do it right. perhaps I shall move over and live with my buddy in Chester....

  13. The right kind of champagne goes fabulously with marmite, the yeast flavours really set each other off. Not too much butter on those soldiers though, that would get in the way.

  14. K - I fell into the pop star cooking by accident. I met an acquaintance in the street who said she needed to find a cook for a recording studio.

    I then used an agency to get me work for assorted aristocracy to fill in the gaps.

    Kate - these festivals are not just in the UK. Go to
    and get yourself a holiday in one of the festival locations

    Inky - My husband is also a Champagne and Marmite man...

  15. Lulu, shame on you! Marmite with champagne????

  16. You took the words right out of my mouth. John Leckie, producer on the Bends. Used to love that one on the old walkman on the way to school.

  17. Coco Puffs with Kahlua? Genius! I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow.

  18. Dedene - I'm not a fan of that combo myself.

    Mr Marks - the man has a lot of fans, including me now!

    Pru - you must have vegetables though, so don't forget to flambé some strawberries to go with it.

  19. Une journée musicalement savoureuse ! :)
    Je me demandais si ...Au petit jour les côtelettes d'agneau ne seraient pas la paire de lunette du futur ?
    Votre sac à main était-il trop petit pour les bouteilles de champagne ?

    A musically delicious day ! :)
    I wondered if ...In small day the chops of lamb would not be the pair of glasses of the future ?
    Your bag to hand was it too small for the bottles of champagne ?

  20. Sounds awesome! I love music fests and will have to consider your menu for next time!

  21. Having munched on cheese on toast tonight, my sense of envy knows no bounds. I am forlorn.

  22. As challenging as hollandaise may be, it's always worth it. Poached eggs and cardiac arrest. What could be better?

  23. Actually Crabbers I did strap the cutlets round my head as futuristic sunglasses/eye coolers.

    My bag of the hand was too small for both champagne and the rest of the chops - as I already have a fridge full of Champagne I left that to my friends. (sorry, too drunk to translate all that)

    Wow - that menu is totally you, go forth with the Kahlua and multiply.

    Madame Def - Do not be forlorn - just buy different stuff next time you go shopping

  24. West 'Frican ragga and some Gypsy Hipsters wow :)

    After a few decades of Festivals they'll be having blood transfusions and granola enemas for brecky like all of the old rockers.

    You really do have an interesting life..same planet, different world.

  25. Four more excellent reasons why breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. I'd never thought to combine champagne and marmite soldiers, but it actually sounds kind of appealing...

    The festival sounds like it was bloody amazing. Glad you had a good time, lovely lady.

  26. Mr Writeon - I'm with you on that.

    Donn - I think an investigation into the breakfast habits of West 'Frican ragga and some Gypsy Hipster musicians.

    Ms Teacup - A breakfast like that certainly sets you up.

  27. 1 order of strawberries flambeed with Irish Whiskey to go please!

  28. Besides the work, that sounded like a hell of a good time...I could eat hollandaise sauce with a spoon.

  29. A girl with a balanced diet!

    Good you had fun.

  30. Jenny - I'm coming right over with it

    BB - me too!

    Kevin - Yep I always bulk out the alcohol intake with fruit

  31. You can keep your Glasto, WOMAD and the Festival in the Desert would be my choices if I was still young enough to hack sleeping in a muddy tent or risk being kidnapped. I'm also big on West African AND Gipsy brass, what say me Donn and Gadj come along as your kitchen hands next time? What a job, cooking for rock stars - didya ever get to make Keith Richards' shepherds pie?

  32. Cool tunes, I heard something similar being played here in NYC at a festival once...good stuff.

  33. Daphne - A gig with you, Gadj and Donn in the kitchen would be a dream - specially if th boys bring their banjos and you do that thing with the ping pong balls - just like the old days!

    Not for Keef but I did do shepherd's pie for New Order.

    Hello King - You get a lot of good stuff in NYC

  34. Gosh - that's what comes of taking a sabbatical. Returning to find the lovely house is a glorious memory, the badger become humus, and that you are serving hummus to the stars. Not a dull life Mme LaBonne; glad you're keeping the blog going! Now I'm off to sample Small talk Diaries on YouTube.

  35. Are you going to sell "I did do shepherd's pie for New Order" T-shirts?

  36. Brother T - how lovely to see you again!

    Kev - you have an eye for a catchy slogan - I'll get some made up.

  37. Oh, how exciting. We went out for breakfast this morning. Didn't find one single dish on the menu as nearly as tempting as the rock'n roll feast.


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